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20 students from Japan participated the program in 2016. At Chinese Painting Class

Japan officially launched Seeds for the Future program in 2015 and sent 20 students to HQ at the end of August for a week. Those students include the Huawei Award winners of the Science and Technology Competition which was hosted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) ; Science Inter Collegiate, where top students all over Japan share their projects. In 2016, the program was extended to 2 weeks both in Beijing and Shenzhen. 20 students selected form Science Inter Collegiate and other leading universities participated the program. Minister, Director, Embassy of Japan at Beijing attended the opening and closing ceremony to encourage students. A Deputy Director of MEXT also attended the report out session held in Japan. 

Japanese students at hands-on training in 2016 program

Total number of university students visited Huawei by 2016 is 50 including the students from Waseda University who went through the training in 2013 before the official launch of Seeds for the Future in Japan.