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5G Digital Villages: Making a Difference to Remote Villages

Huawei teamed up with China Telecom to support Qingyuan Municipal Government in Guangdong as it built a showcase network for Lianzhang Village. Huawei provided an integrated device-network-cloud solution, providing a solid network for rural digital infrastructure. The Huawei solution will ultimately be able to support better e-government for rural regions, public services, and local industries. The project team is committed to finding new ways to bridge China's urban-rural divide in digital infrastructure and revitalize rural economies.

5G, fiber connections, and Wi-Fi networks that deliver gigabit speeds are already a reality in Lianzhang Village, making it the first village in China to roll out a 5G network. The changes to residents' lives are already apparent:

  • 5G networks combined with China Telecom's e-Cloud, smart screens, and VR devices are enabling remote education that is efficient, interactive, and easy to access. These classes will help to bridge the education gap between urban and rural areas, and improve villagers' digital skills.
  • Remote diagnostics services and health advice have been provided online with the support of 5G technology. This enables local residents to access healthcare services close to home. Now residents don't have to leave their village to visit a general practitioner, and chronic and infectious diseases are better controlled.
  • Digital technologies have enabled the introduction of new services that are tailored to local needs, such as VR 360° live streaming, farm-to-table supply, and tracing services for agricultural products. These services are helping the revitalization of rural industries.
  • WeLink Cloud Conference allows government officials to provide villagers with online services such as online mediation and legal advice, so that village disputes can be resolved before they blow up into serious conflicts.
  • The digital management platform plays an important role in supporting services such as care for older people, management of the environment, and management of the emergency services.

We believe that the digital model rolled out in Lianzhang Village will gradually help bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas. It will lay the foundation for the economic revitalization and sustainable development of new rural China.

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Lianzhang Village, a showcase digital village