Building Digital Romania


ICT infrastructure strategy: Connectivity + Computing

Our strategy for ICT infrastructure still focuses on connectivity and computing.

The key objective of connectivity is to provide the world's most powerful, simplified, and intelligent connections.

The key objective of computing is to provide the world's strongest computing power with "one cloud", "two wings", and "two engines".

Connectivity and computing create greater synergies with AI. Connectivity technologies transmit data to computing while computing technologies provide computing power for connectivity.

With our ICT infrastructure of connectivity, computing, and AI, we aim to build an open ecosystem and a digital platform to empower numerous industries.


Enable industry digitization

Help the Romanian government and enterprises transform

300+ customers in government, manufacturing, finance, energy and other industries accelerate digital transformation and improve production efficiency;

And actively participate in e-government and other government digital information projects.

Three future plan

  • Joint higher education institutions, build a talent training environment, and introduce Huawei online courses
  • Interaction with local industry associations to strengthen local exchange of key technologies such as 5G/AI
  • Build a communication platform for partner engineers

Improve National ICT skills

  • Certified 150 Huawei engineers, 90 pre-sales technical engineers, and 60 after-sales service engineers. 
  • Establish 5G technology joint research team with universities and professional institutions designated by the government
  • Cooperate with universities to regularly hold ICT technology forums 
  • Since 2014, 300+ university students have benefited from this education program, and 66 students have come to China to receive training to help local college students broaden their horizons 
  • Since 2018, cooperation with Iasi University has enabled more than 200 students to benefit from ICT skills training
  • In 2020, Huawei Romania Education Fund will be established to award scholarships to outstanding students and outstanding developers of HMS