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HUAWEI WATCH D: The Breakthrough in Smartwatch Technology That Allows Users to Measure Blood Pressure Anywhere


14 JULY 2022, AUCKLAND, NZ – Huawei Consumer Business Group today announced the launch of the brand-new HUAWEI WATCH D in New Zealand, bringing the convenience of health monitoring to consumers through wrist-type ECG and blood pressure measurement.

Weighing at just 40.9g, the HUAWEI WATCH D is the new choice for consumers as the everyday health monitoring and care companion. It has multiple workout modes, health monitoring functions and uses a mini pump to measure blood pressure accurately.

Hypertension is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide with billions of people needing close monitoring of blood pressure, along with long-term medication, to help keep the body in check. Thanks to the breakthrough high-resolution pressure sensor, feedback pressure control circuit and low-flow airway of HUAWEI WATCH D, the precise pressure measurement system allows users to measure their blood pressure anytime and anywhere.

The health assistant on the wrist, with professional ECG features that understand your heart

HUAWEI WATCH D is not only a blood pressure sensor but is also a smartwatch that supports heart rate measurement. HUAWEI WATCH D features an ECG high-performance sensor module that supports the recording of ECG data and produces ECG reports. In addition, HUAWEI WATCH D also features ECG monitoring that prompts the user to perform ECG measurements as soon as an abnormal heart rate is detected.

HUAWEI WATCH D also supports scientific sleep guidance and monitoring, all-day SpO2 tracking, skin temperature reading, stress monitoring, and is equipped with more than 70 workout modes. HUAWEI WATCH D offers up to 7 days of long battery life, ensuring users can wear and use it continuously without changing it frequently.

A significant breakthrough in wearables

Since 2016, Huawei has continued a deep dive into the research of health functions for smart wearable products. Dynamic heart rate monitoring first arrived in 2016, assessing the wearer’s heart rate during various activity cycles.

In 2017, phased sleep monitoring was introduced to comprehensively evaluate night-time sleep status. Running posture monitoring was added in 2018, providing a more accurate scientific basis for workout guidance. Huawei advanced its wearables further with SpO2 monitoring in 2019 allowing users to track blood oxygen saturation. In 2020 another useful improvement was added with electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis, providing a graphical recording of the heart's electrical activity, and in 2021 Huawei introduced body temperature reading.

The new HUAWEI TruBP™ measurement algorithm is another leap forward in the field of health research for Huawei. Leveraging its six years of technology innovation, 20+ algorithm-related patents and verification of 15K+ sets of human data, Huawei has finally unlocked smart watch blood pressure measurement, using the narrow airbag strap with an oscillography method.

By combining a track record of innovation with breakthrough technology, the HUAWEI WATCH D pushes the wearable category forward in the areas of health management. The HUAWEI WATCH D will be available for RRP NZ$749.00 at participating national retailers.

Please read the Quick Start Guide for recommended usage. The features of this device and the HUAWEI Health app are not intended for medical diagnosis. Please seek the guidance of your medical professional regarding your health needs. IP68 rated. HUAWEI WATCH D is a registered medical device in NZ.