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Huawei in Switzerland

Huawei is present in Switzerland since 2008 with Huawei Technologies Switzerland AG, which today employs around 300 people at 3 main locations (Liebefeld (BE), Dübendorf (ZH) and Lausanne). The company is proud of its multicultural staff force and is committed to attracting the best local experts to join the company in Switzerland. Currently 80% of its total staff has been recruited locally.

Huawei provides the state-of-art services and solutions for all the Swiss telecommunications operators and main service providers. With its technology, Huawei is an important partner in supporting and supplying rural areas with broadband as well as carrying out the LTE roll-out.

Huawei has received an excellent response from the market and aims at expanding its investment in Switzerland in the coming years.

Wang Haitao is CEO of Huawei Technologies Switzerland AG.

Business Groups in Switzerland

Carrier Business

Huawei has built up many years of experience in the core areas of ultra broadband network and ICT transformation. We provide telecom operators with customizable applications, intelligent operation platforms and efficient services to improve their operating profit and efficiency.

In Switzerland, Huawei provides end to end products and services to all Swiss telecom operators and the main service providers in the areas of fixed access, mobile, transmission and IP networks. Thanks to the state of the art technology and leading innovation strengths, Huawei developed unique solutions tailored to the Swiss market, contributing to the roll-out of the ultra-fast fixed and mobile broadband across the country, including in the rural areas.

Enterprise Business

Globally, Huawei Enterprise is an ICT solutions and service provider, committed to being the most innovative and optimal ICT technology partner for enterprises.

In Switzerland, Huawei Enterprise is dedicated to providing innovative, state-of-the-art, and differentiated ICT infrastructure products, solutions, and services for IP network infrastructure, server, storage, cloud computing and data centre infrastructure to governments, enterprises, and industry customers.

Also, in Switzerland Huawei is committed to cooperation and integration with its partners. We endeavour to make full use of our partners' advantages in customer service transactions and solution adaptability. We also strive to build a healthy and sustainable industrial ecosystem for win-win partnerships.

Device Business

Globally, Huawei is number 3 smartphone maker and ranked 72 on Interbrand’s “Best global brands”, making it the first ever mainland Chinese company to appear on the list.

Huawei is present on the Swiss market with its own branded smartphone since August 2012 with the P1. Other flagship smartphones have been successfully launched in Switzerland in the last years: P7 and Mate 7 (2014), P8, Mate S, Mate 8 and the Huawei Watch (2015); P9 and Mate 9 (2016); P10 and Mate 10 (2017).

Smartphones and MBB devices are the most important products on the Swiss market; they are available on the open market and at the operators. You’ll find more information on the complete device portfolio and the support at



- Huawei and EPFL partner together to build one of the world’s top 500 High Performance Computing clusters

- Huawei P10 smartphones is available on the Swiss market


- CSS Insurance chooses the Huawei’s FusionServer technology for its infrastructure of servers x86.

- Schindler and Huawei sign a global frame agreement on Internet of Elevators & Escalators (IoEE) to cooperate in the future on the development of smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) components for a seamless connectivity of elevators and escalators.

- Swisscom and Huawei sign a strategic partnership in B2B: Swisscom adds Huawei products and solutions to its portfolio for business customers.

- Sunrise extends its successful partnership with Huawei for another four years

- Swisscom is the first European telecommunications service provider to launch, with the specific solutions for the Swiss market developed by Huawei

- Acdalis selects Huawei for the deployment of cloud solutions in its Zug data center.

- Huawei smartphones and tablets are available on the Swiss market (Mate 8, P9, Nova, Media Pad M3, Mate 9 and Honor 8)


- Swisscom started testing the new fixed-line transmission standard under real-time conditions and to connect some customers. will be tailored to the Swisscom network in collaboration with Huawei.

- Titlis Bergbahnen selects Huawei for its WLAN solution due to its simple configuration and efficient operation.

- Huawei P8 encountered a great success after its launch in London in May.

- Huawei Mate S and Huawei Watch were launched in September in Berlin and Paris


- Swisscom announced that it extended the cooperation with Huawei in the WAS project for the development of

- Thank to the joint efforts of Huawei and Sunrise, the latter achieved a “very good” result in the Connect Test, with the best voice quality among all operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

- Ofac (Cooperative of Swiss Community Pharmacists) selects Huawei for its storage system. Huawei solution combines SSD and SAS technologies which allows enhanced speed and improved performance.

- Huawei successfully launched the P7 in Switzerland in June, available on the open-market

- The Mate7 was launched at the IFA and was available in Switzerland in October.


- Huawei has been selected as vendor for the Swisscom WAS project. Huawei will provide the technology and equipments to build FTTS (Fibre to the Street) to increase the bandwidth on copper, by getting closer to the houses.

- With the comprehensive support of Huawei in improving the quality of Sunrise mobile network, Sunrise got back to the second position in the Connect Test, with an overall score of “good”. Huawei has extended the partnership with Sunrise which includes mobile sites expansion and fixed network modernization to 2017.

- In June the Ascend P6, the world’s slimmest smartphone, is launched in Switzerland


- Huawei is selected as sole vendor for the Sunrise project, a very comprehensive project that includes Managed Services, Network Evolution (fixed and mobile) and MSR equipment replacement. Sunrise and Huawei work together on the network programme that gives customers the assurance that the mobile network and fixed network will be expanded, operated, and maintained according to the highest quality standards.

- In August, Huawei launched the first Huawei-branded Smartphone, the Ascend P1 in the Swiss market.

- Huawei opened 2 new offices in Zurich and Lausanne


- Huawei is selected for Mobile Backhaul project by Sunrise

- Huawei is awarded the CGNAT project from Swisscom


- Huawei wins the Sunrise nationwide WDM (backbone transmission network) new vendor project


- Huawei starts the rollout of Swisscom FTTH (Fiber to the Home) network (until mid 2013)

- Huawei is awarded the first project with Sunrise for a messaging platform


- Huawei Technologies Switzerland AG established in Bern

- Huawei is selected to be the provider for Swisscom IP Transmission network Project Sonate (Swiccom Optical Network for All IP and Transport sErvice).

Corporate Highlights

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