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Huawei's vision and mission are to bring the digital world closer to every individual, every home, and every organization, aiming to create a fully connected and intelligent world. According to our understanding, innovative technologies should be developed and applied for the benefit of humanity, nature, and society.

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Huawei Switzerland

Huawei in der Schweiz

In Switzerland, more than 400 employees work at our three main locations in Bern, Zurich, and Lausanne.

Huawei is represented in Switzerland with various business groups:

For Swiss telecommunications operators and major service providers, Huawei offers end-to-end products and services in the areas of fixed network access, mobile communication including 5G, as well as transmission and IP networks. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and leading innovation, Huawei has developed unique solutions tailored to the Swiss market, contributing to the expansion of ultra-fast broadband in both fixed and mobile networks throughout the country, especially in rural areas.

In the enterprise business, we target specific industry solutions in healthcare, education, finance, manufacturing, and internet service providers, providing renowned customers with our network, data center, storage, and cloud solutions. Huawei relies on a loyal and steadily growing partner ecosystem of Swiss distributors, resellers, as well as implementation, solution, IT, and innovation partners.

In the Digital Power sector, we supply our customers with leading digital energy products and solutions. We are committed to integrating digital technology and power electronics, developing clean energy, and digitizing energy supply to advance the energy transition. In the field of clean power generation, we assist in creating systems based on renewable energy. In the environmentally friendly ICT power infrastructure, we help build low-carbon and intelligent data centers and communication networks.

In the consumer business, we focus on five growth pillars: Smart Office, Fitness & Health, Smart Home, Easy Travel, and Entertainment. Our products for end consumers in all these areas stand out for the perfect combination of high-tech and design; our laptops and tablets, mobile broadband devices, headphones and speakers, wearables, or other smart devices are also popular in Switzerland.


It is our firm belief that technology should be a force for good. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact and the Responsible Business Alliance, Huawei has always advocated for a fair, respectful, and human-centered use of technology.

Based on strict governance rules, we have committed to collaborating with our suppliers, partners, and customers to address potential negative impacts of technology development collectively.

We respect the laws of all countries and regions where we operate and adhere to them. In particular, we place great importance on the protection of privacy and data security, taking our responsibility seriously. We comply with all globally applicable data protection laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new data protection law in Switzerland (nDSG).

For more information about our global governance, please visit:


Huawei Switzerland - Cybersecurity

In our increasingly digital and interconnected world, the establishment and full implementation of an open, transparent, and visible end-to-end cybersecurity system are crucial strategies for Huawei.

Cybersecurity is, therefore, a top priority at Huawei. We believe that transparency is the key to trust. Swiss customers, authorities, or other stakeholders can utilize the services of our European Cyber Security Transparency Center based in Brussels to review the source code of Huawei components they use or deploy in Switzerland.

Every employee at Huawei Switzerland undergoes regular security awareness training and testing. Over 500 Huawei privacy experts have been certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), positioning Huawei among the best companies worldwide.

We are dedicated to a Zero-Trust approach, where there are no inherently trusted services, providers, users, or devices within or outside a network. Only what has been tested, authenticated, and authorized according to uniform standards can be considered secure. Therefore, we actively participate in the development of security standards in international forums such as the 3GPP industry association or the ITU.

For more information about our global cybersecurity approach, please visit:


CEO Huawei Technologies Switzerland

Michael Yang, CEO Huawei Technologies Switzerland

Since 2022, Michael Yang has been serving as the CEO of the country organization with three locations in Liebefeld, Dübendorf, and Lausanne.

Michael Yang transitioned from Germany to Switzerland, where he previously led Huawei's Berlin office as Chief Representative. In this role, he was responsible for Government Relations, communication, and activities such as the Huawei Cyber Security Innovation Lab in Bonn and the Huawei Digital Competence Center in Saarbrücken.

Michael Yang had prior experience in leading Huawei country organizations in the Netherlands and West Africa. Over his more than 14-year career at Huawei, he held various leadership positions, including over 4 years as the General Manager overseeing the major customer Deutsche Telekom. He began his career as an Account Service Manager at Motorola after graduating from the Beijing Foreign Studies University.


You can find information about the other members of the Swiss management team: Swiss Management Team

Research Center

Since 2020, Huawei has been operating a research center in Switzerland with its headquarters in Zurich. It is part of Huawei's European Research Institute (ERI), which encompasses a network of research facilities in over 20 countries in Europe. The ERI consists of more than 1,500 researchers engaged in fundamental and applied technology research, coordinating academic collaboration projects.

The research topics and areas of focus for the Zurich Research Center (ZRC) primarily revolve around Future Computing.

The ZRC currently employs over 100 highly qualified researchers and continues to expand.

Job openings can be found:

5G Joint Innovation Hub

5G Joint Innovation Hub

At the headquarters of Sunrise in Opfikon/ZH, Huawei and Sunrise operate the '5G Joint Innovation Hub' (JIH). It promotes the development of a nationwide 5G ecosystem and showcases innovative applications in the private and business customer sectors that have already been launched or are on the verge of commercialization. Applications from areas such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Farming, Entertainment, E-Health, or Smart Building are featured.

The fifth generation of mobile communication and the Internet of Things enable entirely new customer experiences, automated processes, and new business models. The JIH not only highlights current possibilities but also provides space for new ideas.

Together, we develop new applications—from the initial idea through your next steps in digital transformation to the real solution. Various learnings from pilot projects intersect here with methodological expertise, business understanding, and a hands-on mentality, fostering productive collaboration.

Contact us if you would like to book a tour or workshop:


Huawei Technologies Switzerland AG was founded in 2008 with its headquarters in Bern. In 2012, branch offices in Dübendorf (ZH) and Lausanne (VD) were added.

Since 2013, in addition to Swiss telecommunications operators Swisscom and Sunrise, Quickline also became a Huawei customer. In 2020, Salt, another major operator, joined the customer base in the carrier business.

In 2014, the Huawei CSR project 'Seeds for the Future' was launched in Switzerland, with over 100 students from various Swiss universities and colleges participating. The enterprise business received a significant boost from 2016 onwards with notable customers such as Schindler, and health insurers CSS and Helsana.

In 2019, following the start of the 5G rollout for Sunrise , the 5G Joint Innovation Centers in Opfikon were inaugurated the same year.

In the same year, the Zurich Research Center (ZRC) was also opened.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to the development of Future Skills across all educational levels in Switzerland, aiming to reduce the shortage of skilled workers in the IT industry and promote digital education for the Swiss youth. Our involvement includes projects such as MINTmobil, Digital Seeds, and Seeds for the Future.

For several years, Huawei has been fostering Switzerland's innovation and start-up ecosystem by providing our technologies and expertise. We are partners with Ventureleaders, Science Olympiad, and Digitaltage.

We actively participate in sports and leisure activities to demonstrate our commitment to Swiss traditions, culture, and health, while also supporting local talents such as women and children. We take pride in partnering with Swiss-Ski, BSC Young Boys Bern, and the Swiss Bike Park.

Swiss bike park


Huawei maintains a strong network of customers, partners, associations, authorities, and the scientific community in Switzerland. We are members of industry organizations such as asut, SwissICT, and Swico, as well as the Digital Switzerland initiative.

In our enterprise business, many of our partners have engaged in a loyal and successful collaboration with us for over a decade. Through our joint investments and attractive partner program, we deepen our expertise and create value for our customers. Each year, we successfully convince new partners to engage in fruitful collaborations with us, steadily expanding our network.




Huawei employs over 400 staff in Switzerland, representing more than 30 different nationalities.

Employees of Huawei Switzerland AG are subject to local labor laws and regulations, which are regularly and without objection verified by governmental authorities.

As a successful high-tech company, Huawei provides its employees with attractive professional and career prospects, including opportunities for international mobility. Huawei's global assignment policy aligns with industry best practices and complements the local integration strategy. In each department, expatriates and locals collaborate on projects and with clients. The official working language is English.


For the fifth consecutive year, Huawei has been certified as a 'Top Employer' in Europe in 2024, spanning ten European countries, including Switzerland. The 'Top Employers Institute' recognizes organizations that prioritize people through exceptional human resources policies. The certification process involves a multi-stage evaluation based on the 'HR Best Practices Survey,' covering six HR domains with 20 subtopics, including personnel strategy, work environment, talent acquisition, learning, well-being, diversity, inclusion, and more.

Job openings (non-R&D) can be found in Huawei Career Europe Portal.