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Huawei Strengthens Alliance with Singapore Partners for Sustainable Growth


[SINGAPORE, 12 April 2024] Huawei, a global information and communication technology (ICT) leader, reaffirmed its mission to “Accelerating Intelligence for Shared Success” with more than 500 members of its ecosystem and local partners at the Huawei Singapore Partner Summit 2024 at MBS Singapore on 12th April 2024. The Huawei Singapore Partner Summit is the company’s annual flagship event where the company updates its go-to-market strategy and solutions to support the city-state’s sustainable growth.

Mr Maxi Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei International emphasised on the rapid development in emerging technologies such as AI and the relentless innovation in new applications for business. “The development of AI has evolved from small-scale customisation to massive industrial-level application, while digital technology has become more deeply integrated with every aspect of our lives. Since its launch in 2022, our Singapore AI Centre of Excellence has quickly become a leader in innovation. Through its "Horizon Platform", we are tackling big problems and creating valuable solutions for our customers.

Mr Ivan Low, Chief Strategy Officer of Huawei International, further shared the company’s strategic direction. “Digitalisation, intelligence, and decarbonisation will be the biggest opportunities in which we will continue to invest over the next decade. Supported by the use of AI computing, large models and the shift to AIGC where the demand for data will increase by at least 3 times. Clean energy generation and carbon conscious consumption will create new solutions to meet the industry’s decarbonisation requirements.”

At the event, Huawei reiterated its commitment to support the growth of a healthy partner ecosystem by adhering to 3 key principles: Mutual Benefits, Consistent Policy and Business Integrity to protect partners’ interests. Huawei will continue to focus on 3 key strategic market segments – Strategic Account Market, Commercial Market and Distribution Business Market. The company also launched its first Authorized Services Center (ASC) to support commercial partners and SME customers.

“We will double down on partner enablement, and optimise partner policies to protect partners’ investment, also incentivise partner’s contribution to enhance joint market development and strengthen their capabilities. Our key objective is to develop our services with our partners to support our customers’ digital transformation goals.” Said Ms Lei Ting, Senior Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Business, Singapore.

During the event, Huawei announced 4 targeted growth areas in line with Singapore’s long-term direction of Smart Nation 2025 and Singapore Green Plan 2030.

 1. 10Gbps Cloud Campus – To help enterprises improve work efficiency and convenience, Huawei launches the experience-centric high-quality 10Gbps CloudCampus & Wi-Fi 7 access points to upgrade campus experience in three aspects; high-density terminals access which has changed from wired to wireless, freeing users and terminals from wired connections and allowing them to move freely on demand. Always-assured applications, ensuring that applications are distortion-free to improve user experience, and last but not least, Intelligent O&M, which leverages big data analysis and AI to improve O&M efficiency, quality and reliability.
 2. Multilayer Ransomware Protection (MRP) – Huawei announced the industry’s first ransomware protection based on firewall, network & storage collaboration. Ever-evolving ransomware is challenging the traditional siloed protection measures, which is usually using behavioral-based detection, signature-based detection, network traffic monitoring and data backup for restores. Huawei has innovatively developed the MRP technology, Network-Storage Collaboration Multilayer Ransomware Protection, which provides a dual protection for your data – at the Network layer which forms the first defense line, and at the Storage layer, which is the second defense line.
 3. Huawei Cloud Stack (HCS), a Trusted On-Premises Private Cloud Solution. Huawei Cloud Stack offers seamless 90+ cloud service experience on cloud and on-premises. It provides three key capabilities: standardization, lightweight, and easy-to-deliver. Huawei Cloud Stack enables customers to deploy Huawei cloud capabilities in their own data centres for an On-premises deployment which is secure (controllable data and legally compliant data use), unified O&M of multiple data centres, and allow hardware and software to be pre-integrated and verified before deployment. At the same time, the customers can fully leverage on Huawei comprehensive cloud services, by ensuring a consistent experience with Huawei cloud, continuous synchronization with innovative cloud services on Huawei Cloud, and access to extensive ecosystem and standard APIs.
 4. Fully Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast EV Chargers – during the event, Huawei announced that they have signed an MOU with Singapore’s EV-electric (EVe) Charging Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Land Transport Authority on the 18th March 2024, to facilitate collaboration in several key areas to meet Singapore’s growing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging needs. This partnership aims to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and innovation within Singapore’s EV charging infrastructure. It marks the first time that Huawei will bring its most advanced Fully Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast chargers for EV charging to the Singapore market. Rated at 480kW, this is almost 10x faster than most conventional 50kW fast chargers in Singapore. This will also be the fastest public charger in Southeast Asia. Huawei's Fully Liquid-cooled Ultra-fast chargers represent a huge leap forward in EV charging technology, offering the capability to charge EVs at an ultra-fast charging rate of one kilometre per second proximately. This ultra-fast solution will greatly promote the charging speed and revolutionise the charging experience in Singapore, making it much faster, more convenient and efficient for EV drivers, especially drivers of high mileage fleet vehicles, such as taxis, private-hire vehicles, or light goods vehicles.

During the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony session, 44 awards were presented to partners for their outstanding contribution in forging a win-win partnership with Huawei and supporting the customers’ digital transformation journey. Several collaborations with local universities to develop more digital talent for the nation were also announced in the evening, and 10 students from local Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) were recognised for winning the Huawei ICT Competition in the regional finals, before representing Singapore at the global finals in Shenzhen in May this year.