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Huawei FTTR F30


Fiber to The Room (FTTR) Solution

As 200 Mbps or higher bandwidth becomes the mainstream and requirements for services such as online education, video, VR, e-Sports, and smart office increase sharply, users need Wi-Fi that supports high bandwidth, low latency, wide coverage, and multi-user concurrent access, driving operators to focus on services and experience in home network construction. Huawei's fiber to the room (FTTR) solution extends fibers to rooms and provides various gigabit Wi-Fi 6 master/slave FTTR units, all-optical components, and optical cable construction tools, enabling users to enjoy stable gigabit Wi-Fi experience in every corner of rooms at every moment. In addition, Huawei's FTTR solution uses device-cloud synergy to improve operators' broadband service quality from three aspects: all-optical experience, zero frame freezing in video and VR services, and smart O&M.

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FTTR benefits

Product (i) - Huawei OptiXstar V183

1. Product Photo:

Huawei OptiXstar V183

2. Product Name: Huawei OptiXstar V183

3. End of Service & Support (EOS) date: 2027-12-31

4. Product User Guide: Huawei OptiXstar V183 Quick Start for QR code 01

Product (ii) - Huawei OptiXstar K153-10

1. Product Photo:

Huawei OptiXstar K153-10

2. Product Name: Huawei OptiXstar K153-10

3. End of Service & Support (EOS) date: 2027-06-30

4. Product User Guide:

Huawei OptiXstar K153-10 Quick Start for QR code 01