Huawei's Partners of the Year honored


Dübendorf/Zurich – High attendance yesterday at Huawei's Partner Day at the Zurich Marriott Hotel: many familiar faces, as well as new ones. More than ten years of loyal and successful partnerships have produced some perennial winners who are allowed to take home the coveted trophies in various categories year after year. The continuous investments by the partners as well as by Huawei also ensure that the partner network keeps growing and the partners' expertise becomes deeper and more comprehensive.

Arnold Wang Ke, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Huawei Technologies Switzerland, summarized the highlights of the year in his introduction: for example, Huawei's success with Fast Track Delivery – the rapid provision of components within just two weeks, the industry solutions that Huawei has in its portfolio for specific needs, e.g., in healthcare, education, finance, or manufacturing industry, as well as for Internet Service Providers and many more, or the focus the technology provider places on green, energy-efficient solutions for networks, data centers, storage, and other hardware and communications technology. Cloud in its various forms was also a topic; in addition, Channel Director Maurizio Campagnaro presented some updates in the partner program.

He proudly honored the partner network: "We thank all our long-standing partners who recognized early on the potential in our technologies. They continuously expand their business with us and become ever more adept at extracting even more value from Huawei solutions for the specific needs of their customers. At the same time, we are pleased to convince new partners of a successful collaboration with us year after year and to invest in the growth of their business with our technologies."

The 2023 Awards went to the following in their respective categories:

IT Partner of the Year
Infoniqa SQL AG (ab 1. Juli: SONIO)

IP Partner of the Year
Axpo WZ-Systems AG & Argonet SA

Distribution Partner of the Year
Absolut Distribution AG

Growth Partner of the Year
Telsys AG

Newcomer Partner of the Year
Upgreat AG

Breakthrough Partner of the Year

Innovation Partner of the Year
Abraxas Informatik AG

Service Partner of the Year
Swisscom AG

MSP of the Year

Solution Excellence Partner of the Year
Belsoft Infortix AG