Huawei and Swisscom strengthen their partnership in the network infrastructure

Huawei and Swisscom jointly build IP metro network

Liebefeld/Worblaufen, 30th June 2017 – Today Huawei and Swisscom signed a contract that will further strengthen their partnership in the network infrastructure: Huawei was selected as single vendor to build Swisscom next generation IP metro network for the next 5 years. 

The rapid developments in the fields of 4K/VR, enterprise cloud Interconnect, edge computing and 5G bring about increasing service diversity, together with unknowns. This becomes a huge challenge for the current network that needs to be adapted frequently with the bandwidth expansion, causing instability and higher costs. 

To meet this challenge, Swisscom initiated its next generation network vision, which aims at guiding the incremental architectural changes in the network. This vision focuses on maximizing availability and robustness, agility, and cost effectiveness of the network. To achieve this vision, Swisscom expected a long-term strategic partner able and willing to explore and jointly develop the next generation network architecture with cutting edge technologies. 

To support Swisscom’s business strategy and network vision, Huawei proposed its innovative and future oriented CloudMetro solution that convinced Swisscom with its strong implementation capability. 

From left to right, Hannes Schrittesser (Head of Purchasing IT & Network, Swisscom), Heinz Herren (CTI/CIO, Swisscom), Xiao Haijun (CEO, Huawei Switzerland),
Zheng Hui (Director of Contract Commerce & Fulfillment, Huawei Switzerland)

Huawei’s CloudMetro Solution, a cloud based architecture, is resilient, robust, easy to scale out, and allows metro networks to harness cloud technology to enable resource pooling, service agility, operation automation and open platforms. 

A new cooperation model will also be put into place: in the past, Swisscom used to give the vendors the detailed requirements and specifications of the products needed; but in this project, Swisscom shared its vision and the guidelines with the partner, and give more responsibilities to develop the products and solutions in order to fulfill the goals given by Swisscom. 

Heinz Herren, CIO/CTO of Swisscom said: “We are very pleased to extend our partnership with Huawei. Huawei has been a reliable partner for Swisscom in the past. Their solution for our next generation IP transport network is innovative and fits perfectly well with our digitization strategy”.

“We are very delighted to extend the partnership with Swisscom and become a major partner”, said Huawei Switzerland CEO, Haijun Xiao. “In the new era of digitalization, telecom operators face network challenges related to increasing service diversity demands. Swisscom has been forethinking on a long-term perspective and thus chose to cooperate with Huawei and select our future-oriented CloudMetro solution, which will help them keep the technology leadership in the fixed network market.”