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ABC Communications and Huawei Canada partner to bring internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps to Lac La Hache, British Columbia.

New investment will be one of the first of a kind in Canada by a Wireless Internet Service Provider, reinforcing the ability of small operators to remain competitive

February 1, 2019, Vancouver, BC. – ABC Communications today announced a plan to conduct internet service trials in Lac La Hache, British Columbia, using Huawei’s next-generation Massive MIMO Rural Broadband System. Massive MIMO is an innovative technology that delivers internet speeds of up to 100 mbps for rural residents.

 “ABC Communications is excited to launch trials to deliver much faster internet speeds to the people of Lac La Hache,” said Bob Allen, CEO of ABC Communications. “Providing our customers with reliable service is our top priority. I am thrilled to showcase Huawei’s Massive MIMO rural broadband systems and the tremendous positive impact this technology will have on the future services we deliver to our valued customers.” 

“Huawei Canada is pleased to partner with ABC Communications to test and deploy advanced equipment technology that can deliver high-speed internet to rural communities,” said Huawei Technologies CEO, Eric Li. “Huawei is proud to provide a solution to this unique Canadian challenge.” 

Developed in large part by Huawei’s Canada Research Centre team over the last decade, Massive MIMO antenna equipment is an innovative technological solution that can simultaneously receive and transmit more than one data signal. As a result, one Massive MIMO antenna can operate at the same efficiency and effectiveness as multiple antennas. It also utilizes beamforming technology, which improves the connection range. “

For internet service providers, Massive MIMO is a low-cost solution to deploy services in rural and remote communities. For consumers, homes connected to Massive MIMO technology will experience fewer latency issues and are capable of higher download and upload speeds,” concluded Mr. Li. 

Huawei is a global leader in rural broadband solutions. Massive MIMO antenna technology promises to deliver the speeds and performance mandated by the CRTC for rural Canadians. Huawei products bring urban internet speeds to rural subscribers around the world. Through increased productivity and digital literacy, all Canadians can enjoy the benefits modern internet access. 

For more information, please contact: 

Joy Magnell
Marketing Director

Jake Enwright
VP Corporate Affairs