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Connecting Canada’s North

We believe in the power of connectivity. We also believe that every Canadian deserves access to a fast, reliable network, no matter which part of Canada they call home. Huawei Canada is proud to help our partners connect those living in rural and remote communities, bringing people together from coast to coast to coast.

The impact of a faster, more reliable network is a story best told by those who rely on internet access to connect to their community and grow their business. We’re proud to present the videos below that share the stories of Ippiksaut and Barbara from Iqaluit, and of the community of Inuvik.

Jewellery from the Land

Barbara, from Iqaluit, Nunavut, designs jewellery to share her love of the land with women across the country. Fast, reliable internet allows her to connect with more than she ever thought possible.

Lady working

Wearing Our Stories

In Iqaluit, Nunavut, Ippiksaut works to help heal her community and share its stories through the art of tattooing. Access to high-speed internet has helped her hone her craft and share her community’s light far and wide.

Lady with artwork in background

See You Online

A new world of possibilities has opened for those living in Inuvik, Northwest Territories with the delivery of reliable high-speed internet. They are now closer than ever to fellow Canadians, transforming the way they live and work.


Connecting the North

Canada is known for our vast geography and spectacular scenery. But with vastness comes distance, leaving communities in the north critically underserved by high-speed internet. Huawei Canada has long been helping our partners to connect rural and remote communities – and is committed to bringing Canada closer to its goal of delivering high-speed internet to all citizens by 2030.

Our Commitments

Commitment 1

Huawei Canada will continue to help operators solve unique challenges from connecting remote communities – such as ensuring Radio Access Network (RAN) will function in some of the coldest temperatures on earth.

Commitment 2

Huawei Canada will partner with Ice Wireless and Iristel to help them connect 70 more rural and remote communities by 2025. This will include 20 communities in the Arctic and 50 communities in Northeastern Quebec, with even more communities planned for unconnected areas of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Commitment 3

Huawei Canada will work with partner organizations to engage post-secondary technology instructors in customized training programs, bringing world-class & industry-leading technology to Canada’s North via “Train the Trainers”. Included in the program is an opportunity to travel to the Huawei facilities in China.