Huawei UK CEO Jerry Wang Letter to The Times Newspaper



I was disappointed to read yet another attempt to question the integrity of Huawei (Don’t Open Door to Huawei, says US ambassador Woody Johnson, 26th June 2019). In fact, Huawei has had a successful 18 year relationship with the UK and there is no evidence for any of the accusations he makes.

We have a proven track record of delivering secure, trustworthy and high quality products. We supply every major telecoms operator here helping companies such as Vodafone, BT and EE to improve connectivity for their customers as well as offering our world leading smartphones. We support 17,000 jobs either directly or through our supply chain. In the UK we are also subject to the most rigorous oversight in our sector, anywhere in the world.

An independent study recently found that if Huawei were prohibited from taking part in 5G rollout in the UK, it would delay availability of this next generation of technology by 18-24 months and harm the economy to the tune of £6.8 billion.

Continuing attempts by the United States to alienate our customers have a clear political motive in pursuit of a protectionist trade policy. We trust the people of the United Kingdom, with their innate common sense, will judge us on the basis of evidence and not on groundless accusations.

Jerry Wang

UK CEO Huawei