Huawei opens DigitALL Night event live in Paris and other Western European countries, hosting Young Talent Events


[Paris, France, October 28th, 2021] As part of HUAWEI ECO-CONNECT EUROPE 2021, Huawei kicked off its Talent Flagship Event DigitALL Night for a fourth year running, with the main event taking place in Paris. Huawei Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain joined France for the main session online. After which, each country conducted local on-site activities; such as employee sharing sessions, local talent projects and workshops to interact with the young talent. In total, more than 800 students from European countries joined the DigitALL Night event.

DigitALL Night 2021 Welcome and Opening Speech

Weiliang Shi, CEO Huawei France welcomed students to DigitALL Nights.  The event then continued with an opening Speech from by Jacques Biot, President of the Board of Directors, presenting on the challenges our world is facing today and the importance of ICT technologies for the future of young talent.

Jacques Biot, Huawei’s President of the Board of Directors, gives a speech

Tech Keynote: Importance of ICT Technologies for sustainability and Huawei’s contribution

A Tech Keynote speech on Sustainability and Digitalization was given by Jean Christophe Tijou, Key Account Director at Huawei France; “ICT Technologies have become an important part in enabling green development and protecting nature, and as a responsible ICT company, Huawei’s vision is to contribute to a sustainable life by bringing digitalization to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world”.

Talent Keynote: Huawei’s Talent Programmes, supporting Young Talent to realize their potential

Lesley White, Deputy VP HR from Huawei West Europe, inspired students with a Talent Keynote speech on career opportunities and skill enhancement programs for young talent at Huawei Europe. 

To promote the development of young professionals, Huawei is planning to hire 2000 new talents in Europe over the next three years. Huawei values all ICT talent in Europe and aims to contribute to their professional and personal development through our range of specially designed programmes and activities for young talent which include; pre-graduate programs such as the Seeds for the Future, ICT Academy and internship opportunities. In the next 3 years, Huawei plans to engage 3000 new young talent onto Huawei’s Seeds for the Future Programme, and 15,000 learners onto Huawei ICT Academy Programme.

Visit Huawei’s Talent website, to find more information: