Huawei UK 2019-2020 Gender Pay Gap Report


Huawei Technologies (UK) Co., Ltd. (Huawei UK) has a strong, long-term commitment to promoting equality and diversity. The senior management team at Huawei UK recognises the value a diverse workforce brings and is committed to promoting an inclusive culture and work environment where all employees can flourish.

Throughout the UK, women are significantly under-represented in STEM industries (science, technology, engineering and maths). However, for the first time, there are over 1 million women working in STEM roles in the UK and women now make up 24% of the core-STEM workforce[1].

Huawei UK Gender Pay

In line with UK government requirements, the figures below detail Huawei UK’s gender pay gap as at April 2019. Table 1 shows the difference in the hourly rate of pay between men and women expressed as a percentage of the hourly rate of the male employees. Table 2 shows the difference in bonus payments paid to men and women also expressed as a percentage of the male figures. Additionally, the figures below detail the proportion of male and female employees who received bonus payments in the relevant 12-month period. Table 3 details overall pay distribution, showing the proportion of men and women in each quartile by pay band. 

Pay Gap Results:

The pay gap results shown below represent a reduction in the gap since reporting was first mandated. This progress demonstrates that Huawei UK has implemented several initiatives that ensure women are included in shortlists for recruitment and promotion. For example, we recently ensured gender parity in the Senior Leadership appointment shortlist process. We have also continued to show transparency in the promotion and reward process by being open about the criteria for decision-making. We do however acknowledge that there is still more work that needs to be done.

Table 1 Mean and Median hourly gender gap and bonus gap



Hourly Pay



Bonus Pay



Table 2 Percentage of men and women who were paid bonus pay within a 12-month period






Actual bonus payments for UK employees made in the 12 months ending 5th April 2019, as specified by the UK regulations.

Table 3 Gender distribution across Huawei UK in four quartiles

Top quartile

Upper-middle quartile

Lower-middle quartile

Lower quartile











At Huawei, we have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure that men and women undertaking the same job or jobs of equal value are paid the same. The reason behind the gender pay gap is predominantly due to the lower representation of women in senior leadership positions and technical roles within the business. The bonus gap is also affected by the lower representation of women in sales focused roles. Several improvements have been made to this regard and example of this being appointing multiple female Senior Leadership Team members to be mentors to graduates who has recently joined the business.

Huawei UK recognises that the shortage of women in STEM creates a pipeline issue as there is a smaller female talent pool from which to recruit. This issue is not unique to Huawei, but rather is a challenge facing the ICT sector as a whole, both in the UK and globally.

Gender diversity is improving at Huawei UK with more women working in sales and engineering roles than ever before. However, we recognise the need to increase gender diversity within leadership and senior roles.

Our Commitment

We are committed to improving diversity at Huawei UK and are working to close our gender pay gap across the business.

Since last year, our UK Graduate Programme has seen an uplift in the recruitment of female graduates, all of whom hold a STEM related degree and work in STEM related positions. Additionally, our Seeds for the Future Programme has now achieved gender parity. In previous years, the initiative has taken 50 STEM undergraduates to China on a four-week training course with the aim of encouraging a diverse range of grassroots talent to pursue STEM related careers. The recruitment process is inclusive to all and since the launch of the programme in 2011, over 230 UK undergraduates have benefited from the initiative.

Huawei is committed to encouraging more women to move into senior and higher paid roles within the business, and we are opening up opportunities through robust development plans, succession and talent management and rotation programmes. In the last year, more women were recruited or promoted to senior positions than ever before at Huawei UK and we now mandate gender balanced shortlists when recruiting for all management positions.

Gender diversity has improved across the business and we are committed to raising awareness around the importance of diversity and supporting our colleagues wherever possible when it comes to balancing commitments outside of work.

Huawei UK welcomes the opportunity to report our gender pay gap and share the steps we are taking towards closing the gap.


I, Jerry Wang, CEO, confirm the information in this statement is accurate.

Jerry Wang


Huawei Technologies (UK) Co. Ltd

[1] WISE, 2020 | Wise Campaign