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Signing Ceremony on Education Sponsorship Collaboration Agreement with University of Malaya

Huawei stipends worth RM300,000 on Educational Sponsorship for Universiti Malaya

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
– Huawei Malaysia demonstrates high value in collaboration with Malaysian Universities. In the past five years, Huawei Malaysia has established many initiatives such as the Seeds for the Future program that aims to develop ICT talent in the country.  The scholarship is another important category in Huawei’s Malaysia talent program. Huawei has decided to invest RM1,500,000 in scholarships at Malaysia’s top universities in the next five years, providing financial support to Malaysian students.

University of Malaya is the first public university which Huawei Malaysia has signed a scholarship contract worth RM300,000 on 27 December 2018, the ceremony was hosted at the Chancellery Building of Universiti of Malaya. The scholarship agreement has been signed by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International), Universiti of Malay Prof. Dr. Kamila Ghazali and Human Resources Director, Malaysia Representative Office, Huawei Malaysia Mr Peter Fangpan.

According to Mr Peter Fangpan, Huawei Malaysia has plans to further expand in Malaysia talent development program, this is further focus in 2019. Besides this, Huawei Malaysia decides to hire more than 200 Malaysian students, these students will not only be given an opportunity to work in Huawei Malaysia, but there will also be prospects to work in different countries where Huawei is located.

On the other side, University of Malaya hope this collaboration shall expand further scope and values as the university has been producing high quality human capital for Huawei Malaysia. University of Malaya is looking for further contribution in support and promotion of advancement in education, this is to fulfill the needs in the Industrial 4.0.