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Huawei Australia CEO: “We will never give up on Australia.”

15 Years of Huawei Australia

[Sydney, Australia, August 8 2019] Huawei Australia has celebrated its 15th anniversary of entering the Australian market with Chief Executive Officer Hudson Liu telling a packed staff celebratory event in The Concourse Theatre in Sydney that the company would “never give up” on the Australian market.

Huawei Australia celebrated its 15th birthday in style with company management joined at the celebratory event by Huawei Australia Chairman John Lord AM as well as around 400 Sydney-based staff.

Senior representatives from the Canberra Raiders and the Clontarf Foundation also joined the event and told Huawei staff how the company’s support had helped their organizations during our lengthy period of support.

Huawei Australia entered the Australian market back in 2004 and has since grown to have more than 700 employees across the country and generating annual revenues of nearly A$750 million across its network, consumer and enterprise business divisions.

Hudson Liu, Huawei Australia CEO said:

“We accept that the Australian Government policy on 5G may not change in the short term but we will never give up on the Australian market, we are committed to this country in both the good times and bad times.

“Our network business will continue to bring in solid income as we continue to deliver 4G for our existing customers and our consumer and enterprise businesses are still growing.

“No matter what is going on around us we will keep our faith in our technology and we will be patient for our opportunity to arise.

“Most importantly, Australia may not be the first country to deploy Huawei’s 5G technology as we had hoped it would be before the 5G ban was imposed.

“Hopefully, in the future the situation will change and we will be able to deliver our market leading 5G technology here and finally give Australians access to the best 5G in the world.

“Huawei has already established itself as the clear 5G leader in the global market with 50 5G contracts signed – over half of them in Europe - and commercial services already launched in the UK, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and the Philippines and others.”