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Huawei and Time Collaborate to Pioneer Srv6 Technology Rollout in Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR, 20 MAY 2024: TIME dotCom (“Time”), one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing telecommunications providers, and Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Huawei Malaysia) have successfully deployed the Segment Routing IPv6 (“SRv6”) technology – becoming the first in Malaysia’s telecommunications industry to make this revolutionary stride.

Recognised as a game-changer, SRv6 is primed to meet and propel the nation’s high-speed connectivity to new heights. With service level agreements (SLA) guarantees in programmable networks, Time pledges an unparalleled service experience for its business-to-business (“B2B”) customers with the deployment of SRv6.

Whether it is delivering consistent bandwidth or ensuring low latency for mission-critical applications, SRv6’s capabilities extend beyond traditional offerings and offer B2B customers tailor-made service bundles crafted to meet diverse requirements for quality and performance.

Regardless of customer requirements for guaranteed and measurable bandwidth or guaranteed latency for their private lines, SRv6 technology has the capability to cater to these requirements. Time’s network is now equipped to intelligently orchestrate and monitor service pathways in real-time, guaranteeing that essential parameters, including bandwidth, latency and packet loss, adhere to stringent service level agreements (“SLAs”). This commitment to excellence is not just a promise but is demonstrable to customers through detailed SLA reports.

“Our transition to SRv6 signifies more than just an upgrade. It’s about redefining how we connect businesses and service providers, ensuring they can rely on a future-proof network that grows with them and adapts to their ever-evolving digital ecosystem,” explained TJ Ang, Group Chief Technology Officer at Time. “This technology empowers us to offer not just connectivity to our B2B customers but a partnership that fosters their continued growth and success,” he added.

"Huawei Malaysia is excited to see the rollout of SRv6. We are rising up to the challenge of meeting increasingly complex and stringent SLA requirements in this era of ultra-high-speed connectivity. SRv6 simplifies network protocol types and boasts extensive programmability and high reliability, making it ideal for applications in cross-domain interconnection, large-scale networking, service cloudification, and cloud-network synergy. This will redefine experiences for TIME customers," said Mr Zac Chow, Huawei Malaysia's Vice President of the Carrier Network Business Group

The evolution of Time’s network to SRv6 is a critical step towards full network digitalisation, automation, end-to-end programmability and network-cloud synergy. This shift results in AI-enhanced next-generation networks that can be dynamically adapted and optimised to meet even the changing demands of cloud-based applications and services.

The implementation of SRv6 signifies not only Time’s adaptability to the dynamic landscape of cloud-based applications but also its readiness for the future of digital services.