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Huawei Malaysia Participates In Kl Weekend Festival to Support Local Arts and Culture


[KUALA LUMPUR, 29 NOVEMBER 2021]: As part of the ongoing celebrations for Huawei's 20th Anniversary in Malaysia, Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Huawei Malaysia) participated in the inaugural KL Weekend Festival (KLWKND) held from November 25 to November 28, 2021 to support and appreciate local talents in the arts and culture scene, alongside showcasing the company’s technology and products. Huawei Malaysia’s participation in the event was also aimed at creating awareness of the talent developments in the country.

Part of CENDANA’s Art in the City (AITC) programme, the KLWKND is a series of exciting events targeted at assembling visitors, including foreign tourists, for the purpose of elevating as well as popularising arts and culture, especially in view of the industry being severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Held in conjunction with the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, CENDANA, with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM), carried out various activities designed to reignite the interest of the masses in arts and culture, including the holding of performances by local artists, having pop-up markets, conducting walking tours and many more.

The 4-day event also featured a “Forest in the City”, a collection of spaces to unwind, relax and heal with nature through technology. Huawei Malaysia introduced the “Soundscapes of Sarawak” by the Rainforest Guardian Research Project, where visitors were treated to the actual undisturbed, natural sounds of the Sarawak rainforests that were captured via this project, to provide them with the ambience of an actual living rainforest.

A historic collaboration between the Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA), Forest Department Sarawak, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Huawei Malaysia and Rainforest Connection (RFCx) made this possible via their ‘Guardians’ of the Rainforest. The ‘Guardians’ collect data using solar-powered devices to protect Sarawak’s rainforests from illegal activities.

Forest in the City also comprised VR sessions, surround visual rooms and film screenings with content and programmes that rejuvenated, refreshed, inspired and reconnected visitors with nature.

Huawei Malaysia also took part in the LoveMYBatik event, where it showcased traditional Batik artwork prints of Huawei’s logo with contemporary reinterpretations. LoveMYbatik was supported by GMBB, together with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), USM’s Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah and Segaris Art Center. Curated by USM Associate Professor of Electronic & New Media Art Professor Hasnul Saidon and USM's Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah, LoveMYBatik showcased the heritage, versatility and the perennial nature of Malaysian Batik.

Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Malaysia, Mr Michael Yuan said it is vital to work together to preserve, promote and enjoy Malaysia’s rich heritage through technological advancements and to capitalise on its potential to promote economic development and enhance national cohesion.

“We are glad that we are able to participate in KLWKND Festival as we are able to showcase our technology through the preservation efforts of the rainforest heritage of Sarawak. We feel that this is a good avenue to enable people with different backgrounds to interact and celebrate the rich, diverse and unique culture of Malaysia that will create a deeper understanding, appreciation and respect for one another”.

“Huawei will also continue to support the arts, culture and creative sectors by providing an enabling environment for its growth, with a view towards ensuring local artists and cultural practitioners are empowered and able to benefit from their trade,” he said.

CENDANA founding Chief Executive Officer, Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin, meanwhile, said that AITC is dedicated to promoting the arts and culture scene with more than a 100 dynamic performances presented this year.

The curatorial direction for KLWKND’s programmes encompassed several key highlight clusters at The Godown KL; Panggung Bandaraya DBKL; Pasar Seni; and RexKL. Each location was paired with its own ‘festival village’, all within walking distance of downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Other events under the KLWKND Festival were Bamboo House @ The Godown KL, Art of Bamboo (The Godown KL), Talk Bamboo (The Godown KL), KL Story (Pasar Seni), Best of Malaysian Craft (Pasar Seni), Lauk Pauk @ The Background (RexKL) and Buku2Book (RexKL).

Art in the City 2021 was launched on Sept 30, 2021 by the Communications and Multimedia Minister YB Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Annuar Haji Musa.

Since arriving in Malaysia 20 years ago, Huawei Malaysia has been committed towards carrying out long-term CSR Programmes centred around the idea of inclusivity and ensuring that no one is left behind. Talent cultivation is a key aspect in this initiative.

Huawei has touched countless lives in this process and hopes to continue to do so in the years and decades to come, by bringing digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent Malaysia.