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OceanTech Summit

September 14, 2023

County Cork, Ireland


The waters off the south coast of Ireland are abundant with marine life, but human activity could be harming whales and dolphins.

In March 2021, the Smart Whale Sounds Project by ORCA Ireland was launched, aiming to detect and identify cetacean species in real-time using the most up-to-date technology, including sophisticated AI/Deep learning models to automatically detect and identify cetacean species in Ireland. The project also aims to examine the impact of underwater noise pollution on cetaceans and to develop conservation strategies to protect and maintain biodiversity in the world's most unique ecosystems.

At the event on September 14, the latest findings from Smart Whale Sounds project will be presented. This will be a very visual experience with Baltimore being one of the most picturesque towns on the Wild Atlantic Ways. We will tour Baltimore harbor and travel to the Smart Whale Buoy where we will get a chance to hear the sounds of the ocean in real-time and the opportunity to see marine wildlife like dolphins, seals, and humpback whales.

Press Release


Kenneth Fredriksen

Senior Vice President, Huawei European regional HQ

Luis Neves


Emer Keaveny

Marine Ecologist, ORCA Ireland

Catherine Carty


Lucy Houliston

National Geographic Young Explorer

Jessica Giannoumis

Marine Social Scientist, MaREI, UCC

Gerry Sutton

Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager, MaREI, UCC