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Building a Healthy Industry Ecosystem

With deepening global economic integration and a growing social consciousness, companies around the world are facing new challenges. In addition to seeking growth and profits, companies are now expected to fulfill more social and environmental responsibilities. Apart from the minimum expectations of integrity and operational compliance, companies must prioritize employees' health and personal development, contribute to communities, drive supply chain players to be more socially responsible, and promote sustainability within the entire industrial chain.
Our 180,000 employees position customers at the center of their work. The company bases healthy long-term growth on integrating its core values, management duties, and social responsibilities into its daily operations. We firmly believe that close collaboration with upstream and downstream industry players can result in a robust business ecosystem where all players share resources, benefits, and value while jointly managing risks. We can then build a unique, comprehensive set of competitive advantages under an industrial chain whose members all succeed together.

Invested CNY11.2 billion in employee benefits

Launched approximately 200 community support programs in 70 countries and regions

Led the development of the IPC-1401 Supply Chain Social Responsibility Management System Guidance

Caring for Employees

Huawei considers our employees to be our most valuable asset and the key to retaining our competitiveness and leadership position in the long run.

Health and Safety First

Huawei prioritizes employees' health and safety, we have implemented an occupational health and safety management systen and developed management processes and operational guides to prevent accidents.

Operational Compliance

Huawei abides by ethical business practices, conforms to applicable international conventions as well as laws and regulations of local countries, and operates with integrity.

Supply Chain Management

Huawei not only works hard to achieve sustainability but also drives suppliers to operate sustainably, improve their capabilities, and continually improve.

Social Contribution

We contribute to local communities by supporting charities related to the digital divide, education, environmental protection, and disaster relief. We aim to become part of local communities, create value for them, and help them achieve prosperity and sustainability.