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Huawei Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) manages the receipt, investigation, internal coordination and disclosure of security vulnerability information related to Huawei offerings and it is the only window to disclose the vulnerability of Huawei products. Huawei hopes that security researchers, industry organizations, government agencies and vendors can proactively contact Huawei PSIRT to report potential Huawei product security vulnerabilities. 

Title Version Latest date
Security Notice - Statement on Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Apache Struts2 V1.2 2016-05-27
Security Notice - Statement on Bogner Florian Revealing Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Huawei E5373 LTE Mobile Wi-Fi Products V1.0 2016-05-12
Security Notice - Statement on the Huawei Honor Router Vulnerability Mentioned at the GeekPwn Conference V1.0 2016-05-12
Security Notice - Statement about the XSS Vulnerability in the Email APP of Huawei Smartphone Disclosed on Wooyun V1.0 2016-05-07
Security Notice - Statement on Juan Carlos Jimenez Revealing Practical Reverse Engineering in Huawei HG533 Routers V1.0 2016-04-18
Security Notice - Statement about the OpenSSL DROWN Vulnerability V1.1 2016-03-30
Security Notice - Statement on Google Security Research Team Revealing GNU Glibc Buffer Overflow Security Vulnerability V1.2 2016-03-04
Security Notice - Statement About the Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Products That Use MTK Chips V1.1 2016-02-05
Security Notice - Statement about Huawei Mobile WiFi E5151 and E5186 Routers Insufficient Random DNS Query Value Issue Disclosed by CERT/CC V1.0 2016-02-04
Security Notice - Statement on Revealing Security Vulnerabilities in Huawei HG253s v2 V1.1 2016-01-06
Security Notice - Statement about DoS Vulnerability in Huawei camera Driver Disclosed by WooYun V1.0 2015-12-17
Security Notice – Statement about WormHole Vulnerability in Baidu Apps Preset in Huawei Phones V1.1 2015-12-15
Security Notice-Statement on and CERT/CC Revealing Security Vulnerabilities in NTPd V2.1 2015-12-15
Security Notice - Statement about the Stagefright Security Vulnerability in Android OS Disclosed by Zimperium V1.3 2015-12-15
Security Notice - Statement on Pierre Kim Revealing Security Vulnerabilities in Huawei WiMAX Routers V1.1 2015-12-15