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Better Connected New Zealand

An entire nation brought closer to the world thanks to 700MHz 4G network.

Embracing the Revolution

How do we succeed in the face of revolutions in technology, industry & lifestyle?

WinWin Issue 23

Learn how IT transformation, NPS, and IoT are being used to improve customer experience.

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Connect 2020

ITU SecGen shares Connect 2020 Agenda to bridge the digital divide.

Better Connected Stadiums

A stadium that brings 80,000 fans together to play with Dortmund.

Better Connected Grid

An electricity grid based on wireless broadband that thinks for itself.


Huawei Developers Congress 2015

Together, Making Dreams a Reality
19-20, Oct   Shenzhen, China

2015 Global MBB Forum

2-5, Nov   Hong Kong, China


Transforming with Cloud, Setting New Benchmark
18-19, Sept   Shanghai, China