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Industry Insights

MBB 2020

The Connected Farm-A Smart Agriculture Market Assessment

The report highlights the potential for telecom operators to help farmers increase efficiency and productivity through smart agriculture. The report also identifies significant opportunities for telecom operators to provide end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) services to contribute to the entire agriculture value chain.

Huawei Voices

A digital operating model transformation, catalogue driven

By lowering the marketing and IT costs of launching new ideas more quickly, Telcos can move from a product-centric to a service-centric business model. At the same time, a precise approach to product catalogue transformation can cut TTM by more than 30 percent on top of existing TTM improvements made by agile system tools.

White Paper
MBB 2020

Cloud RAN & The Next Generation Mobile Network Architecture

This jointly-produced white paper by Huawei and Heavy Reading investigates state-of-the-art commercial CloudRAN technology, including new architectures, new deployment models, and new services that next-generation RAN will enable. The paper shows how CloudRAN will be fundamental to wide-area connectivity and support an enormous and expanding range of services.

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The Smart Pipe for Video

This white paper identifies the need for a smart video network and how Video Function Cloud (VFC) can help operators monetize and manage video on their networks.

White Paper
Market Trends

Focusing on ICT Infrastructure and Smart Devices to Enable and Drive the Intelligent World

At the 14th annual Huawei Global Analyst Summit held in Shenzhen on April 11, 2017, Eric Xu, Huawei's Rotating CEO, opened the summit with an in-depth overview of the company's strategy.

Market Trends Ryan Ding

Keynote Speech by Ryan Ding at the Huawei Global Analyst Summit

Ryan Ding, President of Huawei Products and Solutions, delivered a keynote speech on All-Cloud, video, and ecosystem at the 14th annual Huawei Global Analyst Summit. Click for more details.

Market Trends William Xu

The Path to New Growth: Enabling Digital Industry

At the 14th annual Huawei Global Analyst Summit held in Shenzhen on April 11, 2017, William Xu delivered a keynote speech entitled The Path to New Growth: Enabling Digital Industry. Here’s the whole speech.

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Now Is the Best Time for Global Mobility Business

Interviewing with Fierce Wireless, Dr. Mohamed Madkour, VP of Huawei Global Wireless Marketing, highlights this exciting time in global mobility business and mentions how there is no need to wait for 5G for business transformation. Check out the video to learn more.

Market Trends

‘X’ marks the spot for verticals and mobile

Industry leaders share their views about the new dawn of tech. But collaboration is the key in today's mobile world. That's why Huawei has built XLabs - for its customers and partners.