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Industry Insights

Huawei Voices

Now Is the Best Time for Global Mobility Business

Interviewing with Fierce Wireless, Dr. Mohamed Madkour, VP of Huawei Global Wireless Marketing, highlights this exciting time in global mobility business and mentions how there is no need to wait for 5G for business transformation. Check out the video to learn more.

Market Trends

‘X’ marks the spot for verticals and mobile

Industry leaders share their views about the new dawn of tech. But collaboration is the key in today's mobile world. That's why Huawei has built XLabs - for its customers and partners.

Market Trends

4.5G is tomorrow’s tech today

4.5G is a robust technology that can meet many of tomorrow's high-speed broadband needs today. With the right solutions, it can pave the way to 5G.

Customer Voices

China Mobile aims for 1.75 billion connections by 2020

China Mobile has 860 million subscribers and 1.4 billion base stations - the most anywhere. Now, it's got its sights set on 5G and making big connections. What's its strategy?

Huawei Voices

Enabling business success for telcos with video

Video is the new basic service that will drive ultra-broadband alongside cloud. Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu outlines how Huawei can help telcos stay ahead of the curve.

Market Trends

GSMA: Connecting everyone and everything to a better future

GSMA's Connected Living program wants to connect everyone and everything. Director General Mats Granryd explains why mobile, 5G, and IoT are central to the UN's sustainable development goals.

Market Trends

GTI: TDD/FDD convergence enables mobile broadband

The Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) recently celebrated five years of success. Find out what this means for TD-LTE, 5G, and GTI 2.0.

Market Trends

Industry identifies success factors for 5G

5G is coming and it promises great things in the areas of mobile broadband services and IoT. Find out where we are with the current 5G landscape and where it will take us over the next few years.

Huawei Voices

Key Technologies in Open Optical Transmission Systems

Analysis the key challenges and drivers for openness. Solution has been proposed.

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