Industry Impact
With the introduction of AI, Intelligent Connectivity breathes new life into traditional industries and creates new ones.
It is paramount for industry leaders to have a sound, long-term investment strategy in place to capture business opportunities generated by the digital economy which is forecast to create an additional market value of US$23 trillion by 2025.
Intelligent Connectivity is shaping how government as well as industries like manufacturing, government and utilities manage digital transformation. We map out real-world use cases that take place in nations at every level along the GCI S-curve – Frontrunners, Adopters and Starters for a glimpse of scenarios we can expect to see in the more distant future.
Intelligent manufacturing is connecting the dots along the value chain with the sector expected to reach a value of $6.4 trillion by 2025

Intelligent Connectivity enables manufacturers to unlock underleveraged value along the supply chain for process optimization, productivity improvement and risk mitigation. It also supports and gives rise to new manufacturing ecosystems including more collaborative R&D, intelligent supply chains, a growing role for robotics, and enhanced asset performance through machine learning systems.

Intelligent government is optimizing efficiency, management and service delivery to foster economic growth of $2.9 trillion by 2025

Intelligent Connectivity is changing the way government delivers services and meets its mandate to citizens. By infusing AI with cloud, big data and the IoT, the flow of information from government to citizens can be transformed and improved while optimizing efficiency, management and service delivery.

Intelligent utilities are allocating resources more efficiently, with the industry forecast to reach $0.5 trillion by 2025

Using data from smart sensors and predictive analytics infused with AI helps the electric power industry enhance demand and operations management to predict demand spikes and improve asset performance.

Tap into New Growth with Intelligent Connectivity
The GCI 2018 offers critical insights for policy makers of ICT Infrastructure investment - offering expert advice on the best way to energize industries and economies for sustainable growth and success.
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