Rich Communication Suite

Huawei RCS Solution
Huawei RCS helps to enrich people's social communication by providing more integrated communication experience over mobile internet. We help operators to get more revenue by service innovation over converged Mobile and Internet network.

As a service suite for rich communication, our RCS solution extends the address books of mobile subscribers. The functions and presence information supported by the RCS improve subscriber experience and enrich communication services.


Currently, the usage of voice and message services increases rapidly. Nevertheless, revenues from voice and message services are increasing slowly, and revenues from voice services may decrease in the near future.

In addition, with the popularity of Internet services, operators are facing challenges in terms of the operation on traditional Telecom businesses, like reducing operational cost, creating an open environment for new services and digging potential values from exiting services.

Our Solution

Huawei RCS helps operators to enrich social communication over the mobile Internet.

Comply with international standard GSMA RCS, it also can extend the contactor’s information of mobile subscribers and combine mobility with Internet accessibility. This effectively enhances the communication between people and improves the value of traditional networks:

  • Supports GSMA RCS 1.0/2.0/RCS-e;
  • Supports refining message service network based on converging traditional message services and new message-like services (MicroBlog and others) from internet;
  • Provides profitable MBB communications service.

Huawei RCS solution has the following features:

  • Convergent address book (CAB): Mobile phonebook enhanced with contact presence and status, converging with Internet Address Book, etc. This is the base stone of Huawei RCS solution.

The CAB is an evolution of the usual address book, providing enriched information to existing contacts. The CAB allows end users to exchange Social Presence Information with authorized contacts. This information includes hyper-availability status, portrait icon, free text, favorite link and timestamp. From the CAB, end users have an access to information regarding which communication capabilities are available at a given point in time to interact with a contact, being able to initiate communications and to access the communication history with a contact. It is also possible to perform a backup/synchronization of contact information with CAB.

  • Unified Box: Unified Box provides unified message experience with multi message types;
  • Unified Message Box collecting SMS, MMS, Email, IM, Voice Message, Video Message and Fax Message from various servers and put them into a single storage. Unified web access portal provides management of stored messages and directories, which also includes web-based online SMS, MMS and Email forwarding and sending feature;
  • Online Storage and Sharing: With this function, an end user can store files online and share them with friends easily;
  • VoIP: RCS has the ability of VoIP with abundant services like video voice, picture sharing, video sharing and others;
  • Smart Routing: RCS can give the most suitable route for voice and messages according to routing policies that has been configured;
  • Multimedia Chat: An end user can send instant messages to contacts and transfer files promptly. Ad-hoc instant message group is also supported;
  • Multimedia Blog: An end user can post blog in his own online space. Others can comment and follow the blog;
  • SNS Roaming: RCS has the ability of integrating with third party IM and SNS internet services, for example Twitter, Facebook, MSN, ICQ and others. After that, RCS users can communicate with their IM or SNS friends without logging in the third party.

Applications & Benefits

  • Help to enhance loyalty by depositing user’s digital assets. For example user’s address book, history message, picture, video, documents, microblog and others;
  • Help to get more revenue by service innovations over converged Mobile and Internet network.

Huawei RCS solution has been adopted by China Mobile at its service, and Argentina Movistar RCS Portal.

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