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Bridging the Digital Divide

Bridging the Digital Divide

As part of Huawei's sustainability strategy, our Bridging the Digital Divide initiative is fully aligned with our core corporate strategy: the Pipe Strategy. The "pipe" refers to an information system that focuses on technology and industry perspectives. The system carries information from its generation, aggregation, transmission, and switching, all the way into the "information Pacific". As digital floods approach, we enhance pipe capacity, increase pipe capabilities, and optimize pipe management to deliver ever wider pipes that enable ubiquitous broadband availability. It is through these efforts that we enrich life through communication and improve work efficiency. We focus on four areas in helping Society Bridge the digital divide: communications for all, broadband for all, nurturing ICT talent, and application of ICT technologies.


  • Provide people across all geographic areas withease-of-access to voice communications services.
  • Enable broadband inclusion for all.
  • Nurture ICT professionals and transfer ICTknowledge in local communities where Huaweioperates
  • Leverage leading ICT solutions to help differentindustries boost efficiency and information-based development, thereby driving social progress


Download the Bridging the Digital Divide section of the 2012 Sustainability Report