A Cosmic Voyage into Space Travel & Digitalization

Generative AI: Is it a boon or bane?

Missed our first webinar? Watch back on the conversation on our YouTube channel!

What was covered:

Fundamental concepts of AI and how it works

Application of AI to our society

Discussion on what our next generation thinks about the impact of generative AI

What the future holds for generative AI

Huawei Seeds for the Future Webinars

Missed our first webinar? Watch back on the conversation on our YouTube channel!

3D Printing in Healthcare, from Concept to Reality

What was covered:

The emergence of 3D printing and its impact on the medical industry

The technology’s life-saving capabilities

Limitations and controversies surrounding its usage

What the future holds for 3D printing

About the Seeds for the Future Global Ambassador Program

The Seeds for the Future Global Ambassador Program is comprised of select Seeds who represent our 15,000+ alumni from 139 countries by
sharing their experience during and after the program, along with fostering a connected alumni community by driving conversation
related to our core pillars – digitalization, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Seeds For The Future Global Ambassador Election Timeline

Jan 17

Feb 2

Feb 3

Feb 15

Feb 17

Mar 3

Written Applications Open

Interested applicants to submit their written applications through the online form provided by January 29th, 2023.

Shortlisting #1

50 applicants will be shortlisted for phase 2 based on their written submissions.

Video Applications Open

50 shortlisted candidates to submit their video applications by February 11th, 2023, which will be used for public voting.​

Shortlisting #2​

16 candidates will be shortlisted for public voting.​

Public Voting Opens ​​

Votes will be collected from the public on the best representative of the program by March 2nd, 2023. The public can watch candidates’ video applications and vote on our website!​

Results are announced

10 elected ambassadors will be announced.​

Meet our new
Seeds for the Future Global Ambassadors

Join us in congratulating our 10 new ambassadors who have shown their knowledge on key topics of our program, their presentation skills and their
originality, creativity, inspiration and innovative thinking. In addition to being representatives of the Seeds for the Future program, these 10 ambassadors
will have the opportunity to be selected as guest speakers for our upcoming webinars, speaking alongside other well-known guests covering topics that
fall under digitalization, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Click on their headshots below to watch their campaign videos and learn more about them!​

Hamza Al-Maani
Seeds for the Future 2022

Jeziel Aijeleth Ramos
Seeds for the Future 2022

Reem Alneyadi
Seeds for the Future 2022

Ahmed Aziz Attia
Seeds for the Future 2022

Ola El-Shiekh
Seeds for the Future 2022

Ernesto Briceño
El Salvador
Seeds for the Future 2021

Janielle McKoy
Seeds for the Future 2022

Rachel Byrne
Seeds for the Future 2020

Jatin Bhusal
Seeds for the Future 2022

Nodira Tillayeva
Seeds for the Future 2022

Seeds Alumni Community Event Highlights

First Alumni Reunion in Tunis

We were able to reunite with the 80 #SeedsForTheFuture alumni from 20 countries and hear from amazing speakers, inspiring one another to create a better future. We sincerely thank everyone who was able to join us both offline and online. We can't wait for more opportunities like this in the future!

Digital Talent Summit in Barcelona

What an amazing time in Barcelona! Huawei hosted the Digital Talent Summit as a part of the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference. Over 80 experts from the education sectors attended to discuss how technology can play a key role in reinventing higher education for a sustainable future. Check out some key moments during the event!

Age of AI: Reimagining Education with SOPHIA

Meet Sophia, the world's most famous humanoid robot, along with leading AI experts, to discuss how AI can be used to benefit education and our society.