Site Solutions

Our end-to-end site solution provides a range of services such as site planning and integration during site construction and site modernization during maintenance depending on operator needs. The solution covers all stages of the lifecycle of a site, to help operators build remarkable network foundation, support rapid deployment, realize green operations, and reduce site TCO.

Site Integration & Planning

It’s been a significant challenge for operators to be extracted from the traditional onerous construction works for the core network infrastructure while still having to accomplish site design, acquisition, civil works.

Our Solution

The solution aims to provide operators with an optimized environment for primary equipment installation and long-term O&M. Our site planning and integration solution comprehensively helps operators to build their networks and provides them with a full range of services, including site survey, site design, site acquisition, power introduction, construction work, and auxiliary equipment implementation. The service starts at wireless site pre-planning stage and ends at site construction and acceptance stage.

Thanks to our cutting edge technology, complete product range, project experiences and in-depth understanding and innovations in IT field, our site plan and integrated solution can highly improve the availability of system and reduce the implementation risks. With our rich global experience, SOP, integrated tools and technical experts, and mature experience in managing third party venders of site acquisition, site construction and logistics, we promise highly efficient network delivery.

Applications & Benefits

Huawei's site planning and integration solution has served projects from more than 50 countries all over the world, especially in the Middle East, Americas and Africa.

With Huawei's site planning and integration solution, operators can concentrate more on their core business and market opportunities, reduce capital expenses in initial market expansion. Moreover, operators would significantly reduce the time cost to commercialize the network and get rapid return on the investment.

Site Modernization Solution

When it comes to site maintenance, operators face challenges brought by lack of electricity, high energy consumption, and difficulty in site acquisition.

Our Solution

Based on comprehensive analysis of the energy supply scheme and consumption of operators' sites, and combined with operations of the temperature control system and expansion requirements in the future, Huawei's site modernization solution provides operators with a variety of services, including modernization scheme design, modernization implementation, and revenue analysis. The solution is designed to help operators accomplish their green and energy saving modernization, optimize their site layout, and fulfill their social responsibilities for energy saving and emission reduction.

Depending on its global communication construction and maintenance experience over decades, process, integration capabilities, and expert teams, Huawei can minimize project risks. Based on strong technical strength, complete product lines, and a variety of engineering experience as well as unique IT insight and innovation, Huawei's site modernization solution can help operators achieve their business objectives.

Applications & Benefits

Our site modernization solution has been used around the world and served a lot of modernization projects in the Middle East, Americas, and Africa. The solution can help operators reduce their site O&M costs, reduce their energy, fulfill their social responsibilities for energy saving and emission reduction, and boost their branding and social images.

Issue 23(08/2015)