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Swisscom SONATE: Deploying 100G for a Future-ready Network
To deal with the ever-growing demand for bandwidth, Swisscom upgraded its Optical Network for All-IP Transport Services (SONATE) to 100G, ensuring a superior experience of ultra-broadband services.

The introduction of 100G is becoming necessary for operators to promote service growth for a ubiquitous ultra-broadband network; yet the balance of legacy protection with market responsiveness remains challenging.


As broadband services bloom, so do customer demands, especially for IPTV and OTT video services; 100G ports are required for the core routers in Internet data centers (IDCs) so cloud-scale storage and data switching capability are enabled. Operators are also expected to provide ultra-broadband channels to facilitate private line services for enterprises.

Our Solution

To help operators enhance system capacity, Huawei has rolled out a leading coherent 100G solution, with a bandwidth capacity of up to 8Tbit/s over a single fiber. Besides this outstanding transmission performance, this solution can help operators upgrade their network from 10G/40G to 100G in a manner that optimizes CAPEX and protects legacy investments. Moreover, operators can also respond more quickly to market demands for bandwidth access.

Ultra long-haul transmission: Huawei’s 100G solution features an extended transmission distance, thanks to its soft decision technique, optimized optical platform, and unique RZ modulation. It can be flexibly adapted to different network environments, while reducing the costs of electrical regenerators.

Simplified network planning, architecture, and O&M: 1) Avoids DCM networking, features low latency, and is compatible with different types of fiber; 2) Applies tunable filtering to realize colorless add/drop functionality; 3) Enhances intelligence and reliability with multi-layer ASON, which makes this solution the only one that supports 100G OSNR monitoring.

Rich application scenarios: Huawei 100G solution supports a variety of services thanks to its high-bandwidth utilization efficiency.

Smooth evolution: Realizes cooperation between 10G, 40G, and 100G services, which protects legacy investments.

Applications & Benefits

Huawei 100G has been applied by operators in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, including KPN, TDC, and SFR. Huawei has also tested its 100G solutions with over 30 operators globally, breaking a number of records in the process including those for 3000km-terrestrial and 5500km-submarine 100G fiber transmission.

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A leading coherent 100G commercial application has enabled KPN International to further boost its bandwidth and network stability, serving customers even better while keeping its network on the cutting edge.

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According to a report from Ovum, worldwide commercial use of 100G networks reached USD300 million in Q3 of 2012 and achieved a year-on-year growth of 542%. The 100G era is here.
Energy consumption contributes to climate change as well as an ever lengthening series of manmade disasters. From 1973 to 2006, global energy consumption increased by 73%, while CO2 emissions increased 79%, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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