HUAWEI SmartCare

Optimizing Customer Experience Management
End-user experience is top priority for many operators in the MBB era. How can vendors help address this challenge? Let’s hear some expert analysis on this topic.

HUAWEI SmartCare is a component of Huawei professional service portfolio which promises great end-user experience, service quality and network performance.

With the surge of smartphone adoption and increasing data services, operators nowadays need to not only focus on traditional network KPIs but also face challenges in providing quality improvement and assurance for E2E service as well as better end-user experience.

Featuring in-depth understanding of end-user experience, innovative optimization and IP visualization, HUAWEI SmartCare enables:

  • Shift of focus from traditional KPIs to end-user experience;
  • Shift of focus from reactive response to proactive & predictable maintenance;
  • Shift of focus from TCO reduction to TVO enhancement.

HUAWEI SmartCare addresses to the whole network, and provides SQM/SLA/CEM solutions based on fully understanding of the network. Furthermore, HUAWEI SmartCare helps operators understand VVIP, VIP, VAP user experience and discover, demarcate and resolve the root problems.

The award-winning HUAWEI SmartCare has been employed 30+ operators worldwide.

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China Unicom Shandong has optimized its end-to-end network through an innovative and proactive approach to user perception, which has yielded rapid subscriber growth and a sterling reputation for QoE.

By innovatively rethinking its traditional O&M model, China Mobile Hangzhou has implemented a highly effective, visualized O&M mechanism for its IP network. The new model is designed to deliver an optimized and streamlined O&M experience for monitoring performance, troubleshooting, and collecting and outputting network statistics.

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To quickly improve the current network status, Guiyang Mobile, together with the HUAWEI SmartCare solution, proposed a principle of "Determining Network Landscape, Eliminating Network Quality Problems, and Improving User Perception" to improve network quality.
A user-centric approach is a disciplined measurement solution for building profitable and stable customer relationships –at an individual level. The benefit to operators is obvious. The benefit to users is that the network works as expected, every time.
Focusing on end user experience, our experts show you the key value of Huawei SmarCare solutions: measurable, visible and manageable, as well as the network resource lean management based on end users' behavior analysis.

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Issue 23(08/2015)