Unified Communications and Collaboration

Huawei Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Solution provides end-to-end services for enterprise communication and cross-regional collaboration based on the Cloud-Pipe-Device system architecture. It provides services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and multimedia conferencing that can effectively support enterprises' major operating service processes. Huawei UCC solution features good openness and outstanding security, supports smooth service evolution, and helps improve enterprise working efficiency and to reduce costs.


An enterprise always has various types of communication requirements, from the time of its establishment to during its expansion process. In particular, it has the following requirements that can be met by a unified communications (UC) system:

  • l A complete set of solutions provided by the same manufacturer, to reduce network complexity and equipment maintenance costs;
  • l A communications system that is closely integrated with its operating process, to enhance its internal and external communication efficiency and reduce its communications costs, and meanwhile to accelerate the development of its core business;
  • l A solution that is suitable for the development of its communications networks and supports smooth evolution, to achieve smooth internal and external communication and coordination.

With cloud computing now becoming widespread, enterprises are now seeking a new construction mode.

Enterprise customers urgently require a solution to these problems: how to expand their communications services more easily, how to manage their communications systems more easily, and how to further guarantee their communications security, as well as how to achieve undifferentiated communications (communicating at any time, from any place, using any terminal, and by any means) for their employees by using a UC system.

Our Solution

According to the requirements of enterprises, Huawei provides an end-to-end UC solution and one-stop service including solution consulting, network design, service deployment, and management service.

Huawei solution is characterized by compatibility, smooth service evolution, open system platform, four-level security protection, and cloud computing architecture, to maximally achieve a balance between efficiency and costs.

Adhering to the customer-centric core concept and adopting the cloud-pipe-terminal system architecture, Huawei UC provides the IP telephony solution, multimedia conferencing solution, unified messaging solution, and enterprise SNS solution, to meet the requirements of customers in voice, data, video, and other communication forms. Meanwhile, Huawei provides IP phone, mobile client, web client, PC client, Pad client, thin client, and other types of terminals to enrich customer experience and perception.

  • l Complete solution: Based on Huawei's accumulated experience in communications, Huawei UC solution is a complete solution covering access, bearer, platform, terminal, and service. Meanwhile, Huawei UC solution can be integrated with an operator’s network seamlessly, to enable enterprises to integrate the enterprise UC into their operation process.
  • l Cloud computing architecture: Huawei UC solution supports the cloud service and management platform and integrates the enterprise communications with operator network services seamlessly, to meet the requirements of enterprises for communications and collaboration in various scenarios.
  • l Smooth evolution: Huawei UC solution supports the access to TDM and IP networks and can be smoothly evolved with operator’s networks synchronously. It also supports the upgrade to an IMS network and even the evolution to more advanced networks in the future. Moreover, Huawei UC system can interwork with heterogeneous networks to achieve smooth interconnection with and transition from the existing systems of customers, and therefore protect the existing investments of customers.
  • l Open system platform: Huawei UC solution provides various application and development interfaces, thus achieving a win-win result with third-parties. Huawei UC solution supports the in-depth interconnection with Microsoft OCS, IBM Sametime, etc., the seamless integration with the OA, ERP, CRM, and other IT systems, and the in-depth integration with scheduling system, recording system, hotel management system, etc.
  • l Terminal compatibility: Huawei UC solution supports the access of various terminals and provides rich UC services, such as the IP phone, mobile phone, Wi-Fi phone, USB phone, fixed phone, PC client, and mobile handheld multimedia terminal.
  • l Secure solution: According to different scenarios, including customer desktop office, park roaming, telecommuting, and public network roaming, Huawei provides a four-level security solution taking into account the network security, operation security, desktop security, and service security to guarantee the efficient and safe operation of an enterprise. The solution can be implemented through signaling and media stream encryption, enterprise intranet access via SSL VPN, and other means.

Applications & Benefits

Huawei UC solution has been successfully commercialized and recognized by enterprise and industry customers such as China Meteorological Administration, China Patent Office, China Southern Power Grid, Northeast Bank of Brazil, and Huawei.

It is serving government sectors and industries such as finance, energy, hotel, and transportation for communication enhancement and cost reduction, and provides international and transregional enterprises with communication capabilities in forms of voice, data, video, and others so that employees can enjoy the experience of safe and smooth communication even if they are on the move.

Moreover, Huawei UC solution is compatible with customers’ existing communications systems and perfectly matches the OA system, to achieve smooth service evolution and effectively protect customers’ investment.

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Issue 23(08/2015)