The SmartAX MA5616 multi-dwelling unit (MDU) has the following features: high access density, superior processing, high reliability, easy maintenance, energy saving, and an architectural design with an eye on the future.

The MA5616 provides ADSL2+, VDSL2, SHDSL, POTS, FE, P2P, ISDN, and combo user ports, and it supports dual upstream transmission channels through auto-adaptive GPON and GE ports, can smooth evolution to 10GPON. The MA5616 can be installed indoor and outdoor in a range of locations, such as in corridors and cabinets, and can be used in fiber to the curb (FTTC), fiber to the building (FTTB), mini-DSLAM, and mini-MSAN scenarios.

The MA5616 focuses on providing services for communities with a high population density and small to medium enterprise users.


High Access Density

The MA5616 supports 64-port POTS boards, 32-port combo boards(ADSL2+ or VDSL2)、32/24-port VDSL2 boards, 16-port SHDSL boards, 16-port FE boards, 4GE+4FE optical access boards,and ISDN boards to meet different application requirements.

High Reliability

The MA5616 can work in temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 65°C for extended periods of time, and it has a 6-kV surge protection capability, both of which are better than the industry standard. In addition, the corrosion-proof design of the service boards extends the device's life, and a redundancy fan design ensures that the MA5616 continues to work properly if a single fan fails.

Easy Maintenance

Software commissioning is not required to install the MA5616, which shortens the service provisioning phase. The MA5616 supports remote fault location, device commissioning, software upgrade, device information collection, and service recovery, facilitating its maintenance.

Energy Saving

The MA5616 uses a highly efficient power supply system to reduce system power consumption. Thanks to intelligent fan adjustment technology, when the system is idle, the fan rotating speed is automatically adjusted to reduce power consumption. A high-performance chipset also reduces chipset power consumption of the MA5616. Moreover, Huawei's patented line energy-saving technology reduces the power consumption of subscriber lines.

Future-Oriented Architectural Design

The MA5616 software and hardware systems can be seamlessly upgraded to larger-capacity systems to fluidly meet future service requirements.

Applications & Benefits

The MA5616's high-density and multi-service platform help reduce operator expenditure on parts, and its plug-and-play feature helps increase service provisioning efficiency and reduce deployment costs.

The high reliability of the MA5616 helps reduce device maintenance costs, and its service emulation and remote fault location features help reduce operation and maintenance costs.

With its energy-saving design, the MA5616 uses energy more efficiently, which in turn increases profitability.