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Issue 65(04/2012)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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Ding Yun, CEO of Carrier Network Business Group: By 2020, smart terminals are expected to outnumber people. Operators must transform themselves to help bring about a connected world with endless possibilities.

Ultra Broadband

U2Net represents a way towards ubiquitous ultra-broadband network infrastructure, as well as IP video and cloud services.

SoftBank’s AXGP network, which will represent the world’s largest LTE TDD-compatible deployment, will paly a key role in offloading for some of the busiest & most complicated urban areas in the world.

Mobile network traffic is doubling every year, but Huawei has your back with GigaSite, a multi-mode, multi-band, multi-sector solution that delivers the capacity that you need in the space that you want.

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Small cells are key to indoor coverage. Each consumes negligible power, but not on the scale of a battery, making for a tricky calculation for operators considering whether or not an auxiliary power supply is in order.

Wi-Fi, once the middle child of the wireless industry, is changing how users access broadband services, opening a potential gold mine for operators.

Huawei radio sites have you covered for any scenario and any terrain imaginable, whether it be rural, urban, remote, extreme, or special.

Operational Excellence

SingleOSS easies cross-domain network O&M through unified, visualized management and a simplified operational process, overcoming the difficulties in the traditional distributed cross-domain management model.

In the connected world, operators must increase agility & cost efficiency, enhance monetization capability, and improve user experience with new operational and business models.

Through self-configuration, self-optimization, and self-maintenance, SingleSON smoothly adapts to singlemode, multi-mode or multi-layer networking, which benefits not only efficiency but also OPEX.

User Experience

Huawei Device made a splash at MWC 2012 with its showmanship and its lineup of cutting-edge mobile terminals, which included "the world's fastest smartphone."

Huawei constantly researches antennas, with a focus on enhancing the end-user experience. With its solutions in hand, carriers can build multi-mode, multi-frequency, and multi-antenna networks with ease.

Huawei's Convergent Conference Solution enables users to be connected via different terminals and different access technologies.

UC enables people to communicate & collaborate with each other at any time & place, helping enterprises create innovative & efficient styles of work. Through its leveraging, operators can effectively create new business models & increase revenue.