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Issue 64(02/2012)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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Zha Jun, President of Huawei Network Product Line: Efficiencies can be tightened up at every step of the O&M process, but this will require a radical rethinking on the part of carriers.

Experts' Forum

Want to eliminate IP O&M challenges on layers of NE, network and service? Kong Lingshan, Vice Director at China Mobile is giving reference.

Zhang Shujian, senior director at China Telecom: Already established a complete FTTx management system, China Telecom is now studying cloud technology as an option for PON management.

Cover Story

Huawei’s ‘Steering Wheel’ solution enhances operator EOT capabilities in terms of the product/service lifecycle, enhancing TTM/QoE while reducing OPEX.

Main Topic

Conduct rational network planning to effectively leverage the intelligence advantages of automatically-switched optical network (ASON) technology.

Sharp traffic increasing challenges the traditional pipe operational model. Monetization and management are the issues of the day for operators, as is the question of how to turn dumb pipes into smart ones.

Huawei’s ODN solutions address the bottlenecks and problems in large-scale ODN deployment and help operators to deploy quality ODN network fast and efficiently.

How to Operate

China Unicom Shanghai has leveraged the advantages of the network management system (NMS) to implement its IP RAN network, which is now as easy to operate and maintain as an SDH network.

Optical distribution networks (ODNs), thanks to their passive nature, are not easy to operate or maintain. ODN pipe resource information is not effectively managed; this brings about numerous O&M challenges.

For the telecom industry, network transformation is not a singular event but a constant process, but it can be made easier through refinement and collaboration with the right partners.


Microwave network bandwidth is expanding rapidly; comprehensive, dedicated optimization support is needed if increasingly IP-based network architecture is to be best leveraged.

IPTV faces severla major O&M challenges; a solution that can comprehensively evaluate IPTV network performance and optimize service quality would fill an urgent need for streamlined, efficacious O&M.

Huawei's series of FTTx O&M solutions enable timely, comprehensive network planning/deployment, while enhancing service provisioning efficiency and simplifying daily maintenance.

With the introduction of OTN into metro networking, O&M personnel face an entirely new network structure. Legacy O&M methods from the SDH days have proven inadequate in the face of OTN architecture.

Cutting Edge

IP network troubleshooting is an uphill climb. Fault location is hindered by an excess or absence of alarms, while fault determination is a tedious process of elimination. A solution would be welcome.

SMBs require both software-based and traditional hardware-based services. In-house boxes are nearing obsolescence and their utility is diminished in a cloud-enabled world; there is now an emerging alternative.

IP+OTN synergy can potentially facilitate the rapid growth of IP backbone networks, which is increasingly pressuring O&M efforts for any & all operators who employ them.