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Issue 43(09/2008)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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Cai Liqun, President of Huawei Core Network Product Line: There are many factors to consider as operators evolve their business models, but one thing is a given – the network that will meet all of these challenges will be All-IP. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and experiences with you regarding advanced All-IP core networks.

Voices from Operators

StarHub is a pioneer in "Hubbing" – the ability to deliver unique integrated and converged services to all its customers. Hubbing service has successfully enabled StarHub to carve out a leading position in the market. Mr. Peter John Cook, Head of Mobile Technical Service at StarHub takes us to a closer look at StarHub's Hubbing success in Singapore.

Cover Story

Telenor, the Norwegian trans-national telecom giant, entered the Pakistani market in March 2005. The company believes that flawless network operation and maintenance (O&M) is a prerequisite for supporting its rapid expansion.

To tackle the atypical traffic peaks during Diwali, Tata Indicom selected a solution based on a highly reliable mobile softswitch complemented by professional core network service.

Rapid growth of data usage after T-Mobile implemented 3G in their mobile network led to bottlenecks and performance problems in their existing core packet data network. See how T-Mobile worked out with the intelligent packet-based core network solution.

In Europe and the U.S., major telecom operators have begun to plan, and in many cases, deploy their new-generation core networks. Why do they choose to deploy new-generation core network and what do they expect from it? Learn more.

Main Topic

The All-IP-based Mobile Softswitch 2.0 is used by operators who add 1 million new subscribers to their network on a weekly basis. Not all operators need to handle that type of growth, but there are many other reasons to have a Mobile Softswitch 2.0 network.

It is noted that an increasing number of service providers have started to upgrade their mobile core network onto softswitch structure. Find out the major considerations behind this large-scale deployment and values it brings

Web 2.0 embodies the concepts of adding value by easily connecting different sources of information and services to create new capabilities which provide users with new services that they find valuable. Learn more about factors behind successful integration of Web 2.0 with IMS.

How to Operate

For mobile broadband service operators, a differentiated model allows the operator to maximize the network utilization rate and revenue by understanding the features of the network and the use of existing network resources.

The success of a new core network is critical to the overall prosperity of the service provider and Huawei has created specialized core network design (CND) services to ensure that success.

Special Report

The 3rd Global CDMA Operation and Development Forum, themed "future-oriented green evolution", was successfully held in Mauritius. Experts and operators globally attended the forum and shared their views.


The optimized MSC Pool solution supports networking based on softswitch. Free from updating the wireless network, this solution enables centralized management and complete service recovery.

Subscriber information silos where similar subscriber information is managed, planned and evolved separately is very expensive, from both CAPEX and OPEX standpoint. See how we help you break the silos.

As the operational fulcrum of mobile Internet, the packet core network will directly determine the results of operators' transformations and commercial operations in the mobile Internet era. What are the new requirements in the new era and why? Find out the answer and more.

Leading Edge

To enhance the support for mobile broadband services and ensure long-term network development, the 3GPP is implementing the System Architecture Evolution (SAE) standard for next generation mobile core networks. The IP-based SAE featuring a packet switching core will provide operators with more competitive mobile core network solutions.

In 2007, two mergers in the open platform field garnered considerable interest. See how the development of Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture finally caught the dynamic rhythm of telecom market requirement.