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Issue 42(07/2008)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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Jerry Wu, Director of Huawei Global Network Technical Sales: Telecom networks are gaining momentum in the transition characterized by ultra-broadband, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), All-IP, and energy saving devices and features.

Experts' Forum

FTTx has emerged as the optimum choice for fixed operators. Leading operators such as Telecom Italia have already embraced the FTTx advancements and started network deployments.

Cover Story

Full service operations aime at offering convergence services with a uniform user experience and differentiated pricing packages, requiring effective support from the enterprise-wide operation support layer, especially network construction and operation strategies.

Main Topic

The increasing bandwidth demand due to the dramatic upsurge of traffic in long-haul backbone networks is a catalyst for the 40G transmission system. What technologies and solutions should be selected for 40G transmission?

Despite the accelerated transition from copper wire to optical fiber, copper wiring still represents the dominant access means for the last mile access. Its performance is critical to QoS and QoE. Operators are thus eager to find solutions to explore the potential of copper wires.

How to Operate

The explosive growth of IP and video services are causing a dramatic spike in demand for high bandwidth in metro transport networks. Operators now have both a challenge and a great opportunity. Making the right choice is crucial to success in maintaining customer satisfaction.

China Telecom' s Information House is a total solution to realize an information-based family environment. With a thorough understanding of a modern family' s requirements, the solution will couple its operational competence with its network and technical strengths.


Daniel Tang, VP of Huawei Network Product Line: The goal of IP Broadband Architecture for Service Experience is to gradually realize the unified deployment of All-IP based FMC.

To meet current and future demands, cluster technology is becoming a prime development direction for core routers. Chen Junhua, VP of Huawei Global Sales, presents some innovative solutions and outlines its future plans.

Media Insight

Huawei's Quidway NetEngine 5000E Core Router Multi-chassisCluster System aims at addressing the bandwidth and capacity challenges of Tier-1 service providers. It has been successfully deployed commercially by China Telecom to deliver higher bandwidth.


The mobile backhaul network will inevitably transform to a RAN as mobile networks move towards IP and broadband. Finding the best solution for the transformation of the mobile backhaul network definitely helps a mobile operator with future full-service operations.

Investment in Metro Ethernet Network (MEN) construction is forecast to soar to USD9.4 billion by 2010 after reaching a solid USD6.3 billion in 2007. What is driving the rapid development of the MEN? The answer is simple-services.

IP-based telecommunications have emerged as a prevalent industry trend, but service quality management (SQM) over IP is one of the issues hindering the evolution to IP. Huawei's SQM solution has come to the rescue.

Leading Edge

Compared with mature and low-cost active Ethernet, PON is complicated and expensive. So, why do operators choose PON for the replacement of copper cables with optical cables?

The ASON/GMPLS acts as the common control plane of transport networks (OTN, SDH, and PTN) to help operators realize intelligent transport networks. How will ASON/GMPLS be developed in the future?