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Huawei deems dedicated employees as the foundation for the company's sustained development and ensures that the hard work of its employees is rewarded in accordance with their performance and contributions. We provide a complete health and safety assurance system, as well as a comprehensive training and development program for our employees. Huawei also attaches high importance to the psychological health and well-being of its employees by providing support for employee issues through multiple internal communication channels and by offering a wide range of activities to enrich their leisure life.

We spent close to CNY 1.97 billion worldwide in welfare allowance expenses in 2010. In India, we have a comprehensive employee welfare policy, which includes, insurance policies, social security, health check-up, emergency management systems, recreation & sports activities, catering and sanitation.

Code of Conduct

Huawei has a Huawei Business Code of Conduct, which ensures that all our employees hold themselves to high standards of ethical behavior.

The code contains a trust statement, basic principles of business conduct and guidelines, and responsibilities, which help to define our shared global culture. Moreover, our company's culture of "performance with integrity" unites us as a company that understands and adheres to our corporate values and to the laws of the countries in which we do business.

Working Environment

We understand that our employees' working environment is crucial in ensuring their overall job satisfaction. Thus, we go to great lengths to ensure that our various offices meet our employees'needs.

For example, our Staff Relationship Management Department conducts regular surveys such as the Organizational Climate Survey and Customer Satisfaction Survey, which help to guarantee a better working environment for our employees, including a working site environmental monitoring mechanism, annual body check, and an internal audit within Huawei and annual audit from external authorities like DNV.

In addition, our Administration Management Department is dedicated to improving the working conditions for our employees, and Huawei has achieved international OHSAS 18001:1999 and ISO14001:2004 certification.


At Huawei, we are committed to building a learning organization, and established Huawei University to facilitate a variety of training programs for both customers and employees, including the New Employee Orientation Program, in-service training programs and training programs for customers.

Meant to help new employees adapt to the company, the New Employee Orientation Program comprises classes which cover a wide range of topics, including corporate culture, product knowledge, sales and marketing skills, and product development standards. Depending on the individual's position and job scope, the training programs may last from one to six months.

The in-service training program covers both management and technical aspects, is based on vocational qualification standards, and caters to employees at different levels and categories, helping every employee in their career development.

Career Path


Huawei offers a Dual Career Development Path for all our employees, which comprises of a managerial path and a technical / professional path, which allows employees to choose an appropriate career goal for their personal development based on their personal characteristics and career interests.

In addition, Huawei University offers a variety of training resources to help employees upgrade themselves, and a Competency and Qualification System is in place to provide recognition for the improved skills and competencies that employees have acquired.


Here at Huawei, we not only comply with local legislation on employees' minimum wages, but also offer highly competitive compensation packages. In order to adhere to our principle of staying competitive in the market, the HR department cooperates with consulting firms like Hay Group and Mercer to conduct salary data surveys regularly, and makes salary adjustments accordingly, based on the survey results and company's performance.

Bonus Program

Huawei's employee bonus program is tightly linked to the performance of the company, regional office and department itself. The individual bonus payout is based on the employee's quarterly job responsibilities, performance results and key behavioral events, and is considered in the context of the total compensation package. Based on our compensation policy, we review and update our compensation program every year to ensure that it strikes a balance between staying competitive in the market and cost, as well as being fair to our employees.


Huawei has a protection and benefits system in place for all its employees which more than meets local law requirements, and includes mandatory social insurance and supplementary benefits.

Mentorship Program

Huawei has established an effective mentorship program which serves to help new employees adapt to Huawei. The department leader assigns an experienced employee to a new employee when he/she reports for work. The mentor's role is to provide useful knowledge and advice, including an introduction of the living environment around the company, and also to help him/her overcome any difficulties that could arise.

The mentor is responsible for the new employee's performance during the three month probation period, which also affects his/her own performance. Furthermore, Huawei encouragescommunication between new employees and their mentors and monthly informal interactions overcoffee or dinner

Other than the mentorship program meant for new employees, we also have a group of senior and experienced employees in every department who act as counselors for our employees. As retired specialists from research centers or professors from renowned universities, they draw upon their rich working experience in the high-tech industry and use their ability to put themselves in the shoes of young employees to provide helpful advice, solutions and counseling when employees encounter problems in their life and/or work.

Employees' Club

Huawei understands the importance of the well-being of our employees, and pays utmost attention to our employees' work and life. We have set up an Employees' Club, which is in charge of organizing various activities to enrich and enhance employees' lives, such as picnics, dancing balls, and singing competitions. A variety of clubs have also been established to encourage employees in the pursuit of their own interests, including English, dancing, and singing clubs. Furthermore, we have a Family Day program to enable our employees' family members understand Huawei better.

The Employees'Club also has a web-based internal and external network providing information on a wide range of topics, including health, living, transportation, children, education, tour, and dance training. Employees are also encouraged to give back to society, such as donating to the Red Cross, disaster-stricken areas and our Hope School foundation, which is dedicated to helping provide education to less privileged children.


Huawei is currently established in more than 100 countries and continues to localize its operations worldwide. Management positions are open to local employees, resulting in a diversified management team worldwide. At the same time, we organize various activities to promote cross-cultural understanding and enhance team unity.


Huawei's belief in equal opportunity is reflected in our recruitment policy, which stipulates that there should be no discrimination in terms of race, sex, religion, nationality, age, pregnancy or disability. In addition, we have policies against discrimination and also comply with local labor laws in the abovementioned areas.


We have appropriate facilities such as specially-designed passageways and restrooms to make it more convenient for our disabled employees.


Employees are also welcome to bring their opinions and suggestions to the company's attention through various channels, beginning with their immediate manager. In accordance with our Open Door Policy, employees can also pursue any issues that they might have with senior managers. The communication channels include, but are not limited to:

  • CEO mailbox
  • Open door policy
  • Management information sharing meeting
  • Specialists from the Staff Relationship Department
  • Rationalization suggestion box