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Drive Customer Experience Management

HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM Solution: Redefine CEM, Reinvent Business
CEM is a holistic approach with business objectives to lead systems and process integration in a customer-centric operation model. With this philosophy and driving force behind, HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM solution, offers you a full CEM solution.

Customer experience management is a concept whose time has come

Over the past decade, customer experience has become a key driver of change across many industries. Recently, as a result of mounting competitive pressure, telecom service providers are increasingly focused on enhancing customer experience. Following extensive research and guidance from standards organizations, pioneering operators have begun to implement nascent standards on both experimental and commercial basis. This is beginning to transform the industry as its priorities evolve from purely managing network performance into management of service quality, finally to assuring customer experience across the whole customer life cycle.

Deploying CEM faces many internal challenges

Successful implementation of CEM requires the transformation of operators' processes, organizational structures, and systems. This inevitably creates a series of internal challenges. The major issues are as follows:

Operator’s functional areas tend to be silos. Integrating them to create a common truth about customer experience is difficult.

The current systems and processes will unlikely be aligned towards enhancing customer experience from the customer’s point of view. Significant redesign will be required.

Truly assuring customer experience requires the collection, integration and timely and meaningful analysis of mass data from across all the customer touch points. Compatible infrastructure and systems to enable this are unlikely to be in place.

Fulfill CEM transformation through staged investment based on market position

CEM transformation generally involves three stages: network centric, service centric and customer centric. Based on these stages, operators seek to achieve the following market successes: acceptable network performance, recognized excellent network experience, superior service experience, monetized customer experience and superior customer lifecycle experience. Different market orientations in different stages in turn determine operators' investment directions.

HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM solution: The best-in-class CEM solution

The HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM solution is a comprehensive customer experience management solution. Driven by operators' business goals, it integrates systems and processes to realize a robust and customer centric operation. By correlating data from customer touch points together with meaningful measures of service quality and network performance, it enables operators to become truly customer centric.

The solution delivers CEM transformation, enabling full-lifecycle customer experience management and increased operational efficiency by providing the following services:

  • Consulting service: analyzes operators' situations and requirements then proposes how to start the transformation, including customer experience consulting and operational consulting covering strategy, metrics, governance, organization, processes, technology, use cases, etc;
  • Customer experience assurance: helps operators realign and integrate different departments to guarantee an outstanding full-lifecycle customer experience, precise market campaign, and sustainable customer loyalty;
  • Service quality management: effectively improves the efficiency in service quality assessment, demarcation and root cause analysis, as well as optimization by re-designing the organization, processes and corresponding metrics, so as to enable operators to transform from a network centric to a Per Service Per User (PSPU) service centric operation. It is comprised of SQM E.O.T and Service Quality Improvement (SQI);
  • Network optimization service: includes network performance management (NPM) to assure network performance and reduce operation cost by increasing resource utilization efficiency, and network performance improvement (NPI) to improve network performance through allocating experienced and qualified resources along with the implementation of intelligent service platforms & tools.

With the industry’s most complete product line-up, Huawei is uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end CEM capability. Following many years of heavy investment in the CEM domain, together with extensive experience in network performance & service quality management, Huawei's CEM solution is widely regarded as the best-in-class CEM solution in the industry.

CEM is the future

The HUAWEI SmartCare® CEM solution is a future-oriented CEM solution that enables operators to transform from being network centric to truly customer centric. The solution brings the following benefits to operators:

  • Increases O&M efficiency, makes customer experience and service quality visible, manageable and close-loop improvable;
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, and boosts financial performance;
  • Improves the efficiency of customer care and reduces the cost of preventing customer churn;
  • Optimizes marketing campaign precision and effectively guards against OTT services.

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