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Transport Network

As a pioneer in the transmission network field, Huawei provides ultra-high-speed, highly integrated, highly reliable, and future-proof transport solutions for operators and enterprises, empowering seamless coverage, flexible switching, and instant connectivity over massive bandwidth. The product portfolio covers WDM/OTN, MSTP/Hybrid MSTP, and microwave.

Transmission networks are indispensable ICT infrastructure. Thanks to persistent dedication to innovation, Huawei has drawn up the overall architecture for next generation transmission networks, well poised for the upcoming upsurge in digital traffic as brought by the emergence of mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing. In 2014, Huawei delivered several breakthroughs in optical and microwave communication domains. In the optical domain, Huawei deployed over 300 100G WDM networks worldwide, unveiled the industry's first 1T line card, achieved unprecedented 3 Tbit/s transmission per channel, and deployed the world's first commercial T-SDN. In the microwave domain, Huawei's new solutions included full-outdoor microwave, millimeter-wave equipment, and long-haul microwave.

Huawei is dedicated to offering cutting-edge transmission network solutions for customers. According to Ovum, Huawei ranked no. 1 in the WDM/OTN, 100G, and global optical network markets as of Q3 2013. According to Dell'Oro, Huawei ranked no.2 on the global microwave market as of Q3 2014.

Huawei's intelligent, end-to-end WDM/OTN optical transport solution is designed for the backbone core, metro core, metro aggregation layer, and metro edge networks. Integrating Huawei's innovativeness and experience, this solution provides 400G/200G OTN high capacity transport, 25.6T OTN cross-connection capacity, ultra-long haul transmission with 2nd-Gen. SD-FEC technology, MS-OTN unified service access, and ASON/T-SDN intelligent control plane. The WDM/OTN solution is reliable and easy to maintain, and provides flexible transmission and fast service provisioning, which allows carriers to offer diversified and attractive services.

Huawei's RTN series can be used to deploy all-IP, ultra-broadband, and networking microwave based on cutting-edge technologies in transmission, wireless, and data communication fields. Running an advanced TDM/Hybrid/Packet integrated platform, the RTN family supports smooth service evolution from TDM to Hybrid, and from Hybrid to pure Packet, meeting multi-service transmission requirements of 2G/3G/LTE. Latest Huawei microwave solutions include full-outdoor microwave, millimeter-wave equipment, and long-haul microwave, meeting future mobile backhaul requirements.

Hybrid MSTP uses a unified switch architecture and accommodates both traditional MSTP transmission and MPLS/MPLS-TP based packet transmission. Compatible with existing MSTP networks, the hybrid MSTP facilitates smooth bearer network evolution with enhanced performance and reduced costs and supports highly efficient OAM&P for packet transmission application.

MSTP is the multi-service transport platform based on SDH. It inherits SDH’s protection, recovery and OAM abilities, supporting PDH, SDH, Ethernet, ATM service etc. and forming an optimum multi-service transport solution.