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Transport Network

Huawei is committed to providing operators worldwide with a unified transport solution featuring ultra-high speed, no congestion, high reliability, and full intelligence. This unified transport solution integrates WDM/OTN, MSTP/Hybrid MSTP, and microwave systems, and achieves instant service provisioning over massive bandwidth.

To help customers optimize their overall technical architecture and adopt next generation transport networks, Huawei conducted the world's first 2 Tbit/s WDM field trial and pan-European 400G field trial in 2012, and also launched a brand-new series of products, including a 10 petabit all-optical switch prototype (PPXC) and a flexible-grid WDM prototype with the industry's highest spectrum efficiency.

According to Ovum, Huawei ranks no. 1 in the WDM/OTN, 40G, 100G, and global optical network markets, as of Q2 2012. According to consultancy firm Dell'Oro, Huawei ranked No. 2 in the global microwave market as of Q2 2012.

WDM system is a basic transport platform for modern high-speed telecom network. The OTN-based WDM system, which delivers SDH-like flexibility and is easy to maintain, embodies the trend for future transport network development. Huawei WDM product facilitates enhanced broadband transmission by integrating technologies such as WDM/OTN, ROADM, T-bit switch, tunable optical modulation, ASON/GMPLS, LAN Switch and more.

Hybrid MSTP uses a unified architecture and accommodates both traditional MSTP transmission and packet transmission. Compatible with existing MSTP networks, the hybrid MSTP facilitates smooth bearer network evolution, with enhanced performance and reduced costs.

MSTP is the multi-service transport platform based on SDH. It inherits SDH’s protection, recovery and OAM abilities, supporting PDH, SDH, Ethernet, ATM service etc. and forming an optimum multi-service transport solution.

The RTN series transmission system is a TDM/Hybrid/Packet microwave radio system. Providing transmission from the access layer to the backbone layer, the product series supports smooth evolution from TDM to hybrid Microwave transmission, while supporting the mobile backhaul evolution from GSM, UMTS to LTE.