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AntiDDoS8000 Series

Designed for carriers, data centers, large enterprises, and large ICP service providers, Huawei anti-DDoS solution enhances the defense against application-layer attacks and the attacks in IPv6-IPv4 composite networking. This fully ensures network security and service continuity.


High performance and rapid response: 200 Gbit/s defense performance and response within seconds

Distributed architecture as well as a maximum of 10 times scalability, providing 200 Gbit/s performance

Once a traffic or packet anomaly is found, the defense policy is automatically triggered. The defense latency is within two seconds

Accurate and all-rounded: defense against hundreds of attacks and IPv6 defense

Particular seven-layer filtering technology to defend against over 100 DDoS attacks, with the industry-leading defense types.

Defense against over 200 zombies, Trojan horses, and worms, protecting users from hackers.

IPv4/IPv6, as the first to support IPv6 attack defense.

Terminal identification technology, accurately identifying illegitimate clients and ensuring zero false positive.

Value-added operation: protection for tens of thousands of leasers and diverse self-services

Self-configuration of defense policies and generation of independent security reports, providing visibility into defense effects.

Self-extraction of attack fingerprints, implementing emergency defense and effectively defending against zero-day attacks.

Applications & Benefits

Huawei AnitDDoS provides professional operation and management functions, meets differentiated and customized defense requirements of customers based on the Zone concept and account right control, and provides exclusive and professional statistical analysis for service lease customers to achieve an investment in long-term benefits.