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Huawei Passed OpenStack Interoperability Test for the Second Time

[Boston, USA, May 12, 2017] Huawei, together with other 14 OpenStack vendors, passed the test of OpenStack Interoperability Challenge on stage at the OpenStack Summit Boston. It was the second time that Huawei passed this test, which demonstrated that Huawei FusionSphere fulfills the requirement of OpenStack Interoperability and can make application portability and user choice a reality.

Huawei participated in the OpenStack Interop Challenge

In order to demonstrate how OpenStack delivers on the promise of interoperability among vendors across private, public and hybrid cloud deployments, the "Interop Challenge" was issued to the OpenStack community at the OpenStack Summit Austin in April 2016, and called for fellow cloud vendors to show proof of interoperability.

At the OpenStack Summit Barcelona in October 2016, Interop Challenge was demonstrated for the first time, and Huawei’s private cloud and Deutsche Telekom's Open Telekom Cloud based on Huawei cloud platform passed the test on stage.

At the latest OpenStack Summit in Boston, Interop Challenge was continued as a live show in the Keynote speech. Both Deutsche Telekom and Huawei have joined the Interop Challenge and passed the test again. At this Summit, the workload that Huawei ran was deployed on Kubernetes, demonstrating that OpenStack clouds are interoperable across a variety of application domains.

OpenStack community focuses on interoperability and will move forward to test interoperability in other application scenarios. As a platinum member of OpenStack Foundation and one of the initiators of Interop working group, Huawei has always been working and contributing in the interoperability of OpenStack clouds.