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Huawei Partners with Daily-Tech to Build Future-oriented Smart Modular Data Centers

MAR 30, 2017

[Hannover, Germany, March 30, 2017] Huawei announced today at CeBIT 2017 that it has partnered with Daily-Tech Beijing CO., Limited.

Daily-Tech Beijing CO., Limited is a professional Internet infrastructure service provider that offers tailored one-stop solutions for a variety of global customers. Huawei's mission is to provide simple, efficient, and reliable data center solutions. Huawei uses innovative technologies such as iPower, iCooling, and iManager in its modular data center solutions to build digital, networked, and smart data centers. As a major provider of data center infrastructure solutions, Huawei will endeavor to build future-oriented smart modular data centers in collaboration with Daily-Tech.

Fang Liangzhou, Vice President of Huawei Network Energy Product Line, said, "Huawei promotes modular data centers, drives the development of smart modular data centers, and integrates resilient deployment, smart management, and efficient O&M into these data centers. Every modular product offered by Huawei has a "brain" that enables automatic fault detection and management, and can set up a link between data center infrastructure and ICT equipment. Moreover, Huawei provides a variety of networked modular products and implements centralized smart management over a cloud platform."

Peng Jun, Vice President of Daily-Tech Beijing CO., Limited, said, "Daily-Tech is a China-based data center operator that focuses on facilities cooperation for the three major telecom operators in China. The company operates large-scale data centers in several cities across China and is actively expanding its business overseas, building and operating data centers in several countries around the globe. The partnership between Daily-Tech and Huawei marks the beginning of their comprehensive cooperation in the data center sector. In the future, this partnership will lead to the development of energy-efficient and smart data center solutions for global customers."