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Huawei and Beijing Co-Op Sign Partnership Agreement to Build Cloud Data Center

MAR 30, 2017

[Hannover, Germany, March 30, 2017] Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, signed a partnership agreement with Beijing Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (Beijing Co-Op) at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover, Germany. CeBIT is an internationally renowned consumer electronics, communications, and IT exp.

To accelerate industrial transformation and upgrades, Beijing Co-Op establishes the Big Data Group, speeding up the national integration of Big Data center layout and construction, and striving to build China and the world’s largest third-party public Big Data service platform. In the network energy sector, Huawei has been committed to Data Center (DC) infrastructure investment and research for a long term. Huawei is able to provide digital, networking, intelligent, modular DC infrastructure. It is the world’s only company that provides a comprehensive solution from L1 to L4. It also has advantages in data analysis and Big Data, simplifying DC Operation and Maintenance (O&M). In line with China’s Big Data strategy, Beijing Co-Op teams up with Huawei to build a new “high-precision” federation of supply and marketing cooperatives.

He Bo, President of Huawei Data Center Energy Product Line , said, “From traditional DCs to modular DCs and intelligent modular DCs, Huawei has been constantly taking lead in the development of DC infrastructure. Due to rapid deployment, high energy efficiency, and simple O&M, Huawei’s modular DCs have been widely deployed and recognized by customers.”

He Bo, President of Huawei Data Center Energy Product Line

Gao Shouliang, Chairman of Beijing Co-Op, said, ”In the face of global informatization and digitalization, our cooperation marks a significant action of the two parties in resource convergence, advantage complementation, and mutual development. It will be a starting point for the prosperity of the information and data industry in China.”

Gao Shouliang, Chairman of Beijing Co-Op