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Turkcell and Huawei Commercial Verification of GU@5MHz at Ankara TechCity2.0 kickoff

Turkcell and Huawei completed verification of the GU@5MHz solution on commercial networks in Aksaray, Turkey. Testing showed that this innovative solution enables dynamic spectrum sharing between GSM and UMTS, boosting spectrum efficiency by 20%. This successful verification marks the beginning of CloudAIR-air interface resource cloudification in Turkcell, opening up the road to 5G. 2017-04-21

Huawei: Business Driven All-Cloud Networks Address Future Uncertainties

At the 2017 Global Future Network Development Summit, David Wang, Huawei's President of Products & Solutions, said, "In terms of top-level architecture, future networks need to return to business fundamentals. Network planning and deployment should center around how to realize business value." 2017-04-20

Vodafone Turkey and Huawei Jointly Complete World's First Live GL Spectrum Sharing with overlapping carriers’ trial on Commercial 900 MHz Networks

Recently Vodafone Turkey and Huawei completed the world first verification of the GL spectrum sharing solution on Vodafone's commercial 900 MHz networks in Diyarbakir city of Turkey. This innovative solution – developed as part of a collaboration on spectrum sharing capabilities between Huawei Mobile Innovation Centre and Vodafone Networks CoE (Center of Excellence) – enables spectrum sharing between GSM and LTE with unprecedented overlap between the two technologies, which increases both LTE data rate and cell capacity available in the 900 MHz spectrum allocation from Vodafone Turkey. Compared to LTE 5MHz, the average user throughput is increased by nearly 58% on downlink and 44% on uplink. 2017-04-20

Huawei Presents Key Symmetric 25G PON Technologies and Calls for Unified Next-generation PON Standards

At the fourteenth Huawei Analyst Summit held in Shenzhen recently, a Huawei speaker gave an presentation about the key symmetric 25G PON technologies that binding multiple wavelengths to deliver N × 25 Gbit/s bandwidths over a single fiber. Huawei called on  the industry partners to jointly  push for unifed next-generation PON standards. 2017-04-18


Telefónica, using HUAWEI SmartCare® SOC Solution, announced today the deployment of three dedicated Service Operations Centers (SOC) in Argentina, Chile and Germany for the intelligent management of its network as a first step of a ground-breaking project which will enable the company to capture, in real time, the true quality of customer service experience, at this stage, in mobile services only. The objective is to guarantee excellent connectivity and performance, so that the customer can always enjoy the services they want, when and how they want. 2017-04-18

“Digital divide is now a digital chasm”: inequality widens in technology, reports Huawei Global Connectivity Index 2017

Digitally-developed economies around the globe are continuing to progress due to larger investments and adoptions in Information Communication Technology.  At the same time, digitally-developing economies have also started to accelerate their growth by investing strategically in ICT capabilities and their digital transformation journeys – yet the gap continues to grow. 2017-04-17

Huawei Launches Intelligent Defined Network Leading the Way to Next-Generation Network Transformation

Huawei released the framework and technical roadmap of Intelligent Defined Network (IDN), an SDN-based open enabler platform which can intelligently optimize network configuration and management, at the MPLS + SDN + NFV 2017 World Congress in Paris, France, associated with ETSI's Next Generation Protocols Industry Specification Group (NGP ISG). With the core of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, IDN potentially plays an important role in network operation, such as automatic decision-making, resource scheduling and other various scenarios based on the deeply understanding of network and content. 2017-04-17

Telkomsel started the road to 5G by demonstrating Indonesia’s first FDD Massive MIMO technology together with Huawei

Telkomsel announced today Indonesia’s first FDD Massive MIMO demonstration in collaboration with Huawei. The demonstration achieved 5 times capacity of traditional FDD LTE 2x2 MIMO. As Massive MIMO is one of the key technologies of 5G, this successful demonstration realizes 5G-like experience in 4.5G network, and also marks 4.5G evolution, the beginning of 5G journey for Telkomsel 2017. 2017-04-14


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