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Fixed Networks


Huawei is a leader in the standardization of emerging network technologies.

  • The company has steered the standardization of SDN, northbound interfaces, and optical transport. Its Protocol Oblivious Forwarding (POF) technology is a building block of the OF 2.0 agreement.
  • In ETSI, Huawei has submitted more NFV proposals and holds more key positions than any other vendor.

Huawei's IP technology standards are among the best in the world.

  • More than 220 IP requests for comments (RFCs)
  • More than 150 Huawei employees have actively submitted over 450 valid proposals to IETF

Huawei plays a dominant role in the standardization of transport and access technologies.

  • Standards for OTN technological evolution and core ultra-100G technology
  • Standards for and next-gen PON
  • Leading over 40 core standards for transport and access technologies in ITU-T

In the fixed network industry, Huawei has reinforced its leadership position by establishing the SDN and ETSI ISG mWT alliances, and increasing the industry influence of ONOS.