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Wireless X Labs


Huawei Wireless X Labs are dedicated to discovering, developing, and nurturing new applications that will make great contributions to the wireless communication industry through in-depth researches on wireless network services and users to construct an open and robust ecosystem.

Wireless X Labs comprise three laboratories and one joint innovation center:

  • mLab: Consumer-centric joint innovation on applications and technologies;
  • hLab: Wireless-home-broadband-centric innovation;
  • vLab: Vertical-industry-oriented research;
  • XIC: X Labs Innovation Centers in collaboration with industry partners.


  • mLab analyzes peoples' communication requirements, including voice, image, video, HD video, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and future tactile transfer;
  • In the future, services for people will experience an explosive growth that existing mobile networks will struggle to provide optimal user experience for. mLab continuously studies the evaluation standards for future large-granularity service experience and the requirements for networks;
  • mLab then studies the end-to-end solutions that can provide the best user experiences and help operators build their reputation with customers. For example, the User, Unified, Ubiquitous - video Mean Opinion Score (U-vMOS), is a new standard for evaluating video experience and provides a methodology for constructing a user experience-based MBB network.


  • vLab explores and studies industry applications for vertical industries. In the future, hundreds of thousands of vertical industries will experience a significant digital transformation;
  • vLab studies low-latitude seamless coverage of mobile networks, ultra-long-distance drone flights, coordination between industrial robots using mobile networks, and Internet of Vehicle (IoV) applications supported by mobile networks, such as the reduction of fuel consumption through shortened intervals between fleets;
  • In addition, vLab conducts further research on mobile networks to implement a digital transformation of the energy, medical care, logistics, and government fields.


  • hLab explores home applications in the future and the diverse requirements of different regions and phases;
  • hLab investigates how to maximize operators' network value to connect unconnected households and how to bridge the digital divide;
  • hLab researches how to utilize new technologies to match, and exceed, the experience brought by optic fiber cables and how to make 4K and VR available to all;
  • hLab looks at methods for using mobile networks to enable smart homes, including, home security, household robots, family health, and home automation.


  • Four branches of the X Labs innovation center (XIC) are planned in Germany, North America, Japan, and China through investment from Huawei and local industry partners, together employing the talents to study future scenarios;
  • The XIC will operate on a membership basis and hold annual meetings at the Global Mobile Broadband (MBB) Forum.