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Market Trends


‘X’ marks the spot for verticals and mobile

Industry leaders share their views about the new dawn of tech. But collaboration is the key in today's mobile world. That's why Huawei has built XLabs - for its customers and partners.


4.5G is tomorrow’s tech today

4.5G is a robust technology that can meet many of tomorrow's high-speed broadband needs today. With the right solutions, it can pave the way to 5G.


GSMA: Connecting everyone and everything to a better future

GSMA's Connected Living program wants to connect everyone and everything. Director General Mats Granryd explains why mobile, 5G, and IoT are central to the UN's sustainable development goals.


GTI: TDD/FDD convergence enables mobile broadband

The Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) recently celebrated five years of success. Find out what this means for TD-LTE, 5G, and GTI 2.0.


Industry identifies success factors for 5G

5G is coming and it promises great things in the areas of mobile broadband services and IoT. Find out where we are with the current 5G landscape and where it will take us over the next few years.


5G Core Evolution

Gabriel Brown from Heavy Reading talks about how core network should evolve to get ready for 5G.

As Video Becomes a Basic Service, Telecom Carriers Must Redefine their Networks

The video business is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. In 2016, the number of IPTV users in China doubled to 110 million. And in more than three quarters of China's provinces they have the option of watching IPTV in 4K HD. Last year both YouTube and Facebook launched virtual reality (VR) services.


IoT Platform Enables Carrier IoT Services and Ecosystem

Julian Waston, Senior Principal Analyst of IoT from IHS Markit, gives his views on the trends of IoT platforms and how IoT ecosystem, open APIs and IoT connectivity management are developing. Furthermore, Julian gives specific recommendations for telcos to expand into vertical industries via IoT.