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Market Trends

The Future of Open ROADS

A satisfactory user experience in the information age must be real-time, on-demand, all-online, DIY, and social (ROADS). To survive and thrive, telcos must create a ROADS-capable experience that allows users to enjoy real-time customized services on demand that are accessible anywhere.


Escaping the Curse of the Zombies

IT transformations are now critical to efficient operations, but efficiency cannot be achieved without eliminating the zombie infrastructure.Vendors and telecoms must work together to remove these monsters so that efficiency can define operations today.

Embracing the Revolution: Success in a Better Connected World

We are now in an era of revolution. Industries are integrating. These changes have taken humanity to informatio era. We are moving towards a Better Connected World that is smart.

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ONOS: SDN Gets Real

The future of telco is software-defined; it’s also open-source. Open Network Operating System (ONOS) is the first carrier-grade operating system that combines both. Guru Parulkar, Executive Director of ONOS, recently discussed the industry state of SDN .

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SAP: Enabler of Industry 4.0

China has recently proposed the concepts of "Internet Plus" to prompt an upgrade in its industrial structure. Dr. Li Ruicheng, SVP of SAP , shared the profound changes that IoT revolution may bring to relevant technologies and the industries they serve.

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Lawrence Roberts Talks FSA

Lawrence Roberts created the ARPANET in the 1960's, and now he's back proposing an upgrade that will enable the ultra-high throughput needed for tomorrow - Flow-state Access, which will enable the applications of tomorrow.

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Connected Home: The Next Critical Market Opportunity

With the connected home market set to pass USD200 billion this year, now is the time for operators to leverage their superior bandwidth and QoS.

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A New Generation of Telco OS is Needed

The next generation of OSS/BSS will not be an OSS/BSS at all, but a platform where open telco capabilities can be leveraged to the better of the entire ecosystem - Telco OS. 

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Building a Sustainable Mobile Communications Industry

Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu discusses the best methods for creating an MBB network and the future of mobile technology.

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Industry Talk

GoPro:Democratizing Real-time Experiences

GoPro is ready to embrace virtual reality. Isabel Pakowski from GoPro insists that video technology needs to become more portable, easier to use and at a higher quality for the end user.

Enablers of BSS/OSS Transformation

To become a digital service provider, a telco needs to have the capabilities to aggregate worldwide resources and make them accessible to its users. The transformation is must.

Monetizing Digital Assets

Digital transformation is deepening. More and more telcos are striving to become a digital telco which can achieve growth by providing digital services and extending business to other industries.

Sony: Bringing Immersive Video to Life with 4K

A complete 4K ecosystem is being established, thus bringing back a premium to the video content equation through a “wow” factor that amazes and inspires consumers.

Video Ready for Prime Time

The drive for an experience that inspires is relentless. Video will become a basic telecom service as integral to the user experience as voice & messaging. Erik Keith of Current Analysis explains why.

ONOS: A Commitment to SDN

ONOS is the brainchild of ON.Lab, and its Executive Director, Guru Parulkar, recently sat down with Communicate to discuss the platform itself, the state of SDN in the industry, and the shifting role of telcos.

Intel dives into IoT

Intel has launched a platform for establishing an interoperable IoT ecosystem. Brian McCarson, Senior System Architect Intel’s Internet of Things Group, outlines this platform’s features, applications, and the state of the ecosystem in general.

ITU’s Connect 2020 Agenda can Enhance Digital Connectivity

The Secretary General of ITU discusses the formulation of ITU’s Connect 2020 Agenda and how it can enhance broadband connectivity globally and help reduce the digital divide among nations.