CG Cloud VR Technical Specifications (Draft)

Our vision is to enable wireless WAN connections for CG VR and cloudify GPU resources to reduce user investment and enhance service iteration capabilities. We aim to make CG VR, the first high-value service of Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), everywhere.

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Welcome to Huawei Wireless X Labs

Welcome to Huawei Wireless X Labs. This is where Huawei's wireless application innovations are born. We want to take these new wireless technologies like 4G and 5G and find applications in more different industries. When you throw in new technologies, chemical reactions happen, and new application emerge.


Digital Sky Initiative

In Shanghai China 2017, the airspace will be reshaped.
The sky will realize your wildest dreams,transforming the way you move,live,enjoy,create and travel.
The first low airspace digital network,supports 24-7 flying,
while cellular network ensures safety to make life easier.

Wireless X Labs 2017 Global MBB Forum Show Cases

Wireless X Labs 2017 Global MBB Forum Show Cases:
Wireless Connectected Facotry,Low Latency & Machine Control,Cloud-based Machine Vision,Wireless High Density Logistics,Low Latency Cloud Robotics,Wireless Flexible Manufacturing,Connected Drones 4.5G live,3D Transportation,24/7 Flight Charging,AI-assited Wireless eHealth,Better Life by Cloud AI,Cloud VR/AR Future, Tele-operated Driving...

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5G Unlocks a World of Opportunities

5G will connect everything, and benefit all walks of life. It will combine big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and many other innovative technologies to accelerate the arrival of a golden age of information over the next 10 years.
This whitepaper explores the top 10 applications that will harness the versatile capabilities of 5G.

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