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Huawei Voices


Huawei: Raising its game with TechCity 2.0

Huawei’s TechCity gets innovations to market faster than ever before.

White Paper on Technological Developments of Optical Networks

Optical network is widely regarded as the backbone of the modern internet. Future optical network applications in the cloud era will be diverse and the demands of these new applications will not be limited to bandwidth. They are the opportunities for the optical networking industry.

White Paper

Mobile Video Report

The White Paper elaborates demand-side and supply-side drivers are fuelling each other to boost mobile video adoption, which drive video evolving as a basic mobile service. The White Paper also plots a Mobile Video Maturity Scorecard to identify the strengths and priorities of the regional market for operators and supports them to success in seizing video opportunities.

White Paper

Forbes Insights: The Mobile Industrial Revolution

Global business leaders say that wireless are critical to the way they do business. In order to succeed in the future, these executives require revolutionary increases in the speed, capacity and connectivity of mobile devices—and they’re looking to 5G networks to provide it.

White Paper

White Paper on the Experience-driven 4K Bearer Network

Carriers have begun to focus more on experience instead of connections. This white paper defines the experience-driven 4K bearer network and describes the target network architecture and deployment recommendations.

White Paper

Mobile Video, Makes Video Everywhere

People now prefer their screens on the move. How can operators benefit? And what challenges will they face?

Discoveries of MBB Trends

This is an age for rapid development of mobile broadband (MBB). Subscribers nowadays are quite used to access all sorts of information on their mobile phones. MBB has never been so close to people.After summarizing the 2015 mobile service experience, mobile terminal development trend, and future mobile services, Huawei will unveil eight key findings in this report.

White Paper

White Paper on SDH Modernization

The telecom industry continues to evolve, and telecom services and network architecture today bear little resemblance to their predecessors from 10 years ago.This white paper discuss the significance, targets, and key technologies of SDH modernization.

White Paper