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Huawei Voices

Massive Commercial Use in 4.5G Era

A summary of the voices at the 4.5G Industry Summit in Barcelona on February 21, which attracted more than 300 industry experts and journalists. Discussions included the ecosystem, partnerships, and standards.

Expert Talk

Carriers' Digital Transformation and Telco OS

Dr. Dong Sun discusses how telecom operators can become digital ecosystem enablers to deliver optimal user experiences that are real-time, on-demand, all-online, DIY, and social.

MirrorSys: The Future of Communications

The future of communications means being freed from today's single, fixed view of the world and being able to actually experience anywhere. This is the future. We call it MirrorSys.

Huawei Traffic Trade Platform and Ecosystem

Traditional telecommunications revenues are rapidly declining. Using traffic as media and building a traffic trade ecosystem will encourage users to purchase, save and utilize more traffic.

4K Brings Extreme Video Experience

4K Video is a hot topic in the video industry. Check out Huawei 4K experts' ideas about how operators could achieve success in 4K video service and deliver premium video experience.

Building the 200G Era

Huawei unveiled the world’s first 200G line card in 2011. Tony Hu, Vice President of the Huawei Carrier IP Product Line, explore the trends of 100G and introduce the latest update on Huawei’s 200G line card.

Experience Is Everything, Platform Is King

Paul Scanlan, VP of Sales & MKTG, Huawei South Pacific Region, believes that experience can be turned into revenue, and the portal with the best experience will be king in the mobile broadband era.

The Simple Transformation for Core Network Evolution

During GSMA MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei Convergent Communications Product Line, shares about core network's new trends, the changing business strategy of Huawei Convergence Communication and its future growth.

Cloud as a Service

Dr. Che Haiping, CTO of Huawei Carrier Software & Core Network BU, shares his views on the trend towards Cloud as a Service (CaaS), and explains how Huawei solutions can help operators fulfill their potential in this area.

Tech Articles

Evolution and deployment of VoLTE

VoLTE standards are mature and it promises significant benefits for operators. Key issues and considerations are examined here to assist operators realize smooth transition from traditional voice services to mobile broadband voice services.

ODN O&M: Manageable and easy

Huawei’s ODN solutions address the bottlenecks and problems in large-scale ODN deployment and help operators to deploy quality ODN network fast and efficiently.

Simplifying OTN O&M for Greater Efficiency

After OTN is introduced into metro networking, legacy O&M methods from the SDH days have proven inadequate in the face of OTN architecture.

A closer look: IPv6 commercial deployment

The commercial deployment of IPv6 is not just a simple shift to IPv6. Instead, it represents a large-scale and very challenging transformation of existing networks and services.

LTE-Advanced: The leading technology in the new MBB era

LTE-Advanced technology can dramatically increase the peak rate, peak spectral efficiency, average rate, average spectral efficiency, and cell-edge user performance, improves networking efficiency across the entire network.

Visualize IP network for management

While making the most of IP networks’ advantages, telecom operators urgently need to properly address operation and maintenance (O&M) risks entailed by IP networks, and realize visualized management.

Soft-decision FEC: Key to High-performance 100G Transmission

Soft-decision FEC with high performance but moderate complexity will become the mainstream FEC scheme used to advance the optical transport applications.

A New Generation of Telco OS is Needed

The next generation of OSS/BSS will not be an OSS/BSS at all, but a platform where open telco capabilities can be leveraged to the better of the entire ecosystem – Telco OS.

White Papers

Discoveries of MBB Trends

This is an age for rapid development of mobile broadband (MBB). Subscribers nowadays are quite used to access all sorts of information on their mobile phones. MBB has never been so close to people.After summarizing the 2015 mobile service experience, mobile terminal development trend, and future mobile services, Huawei will unveil eight key findings in this report.

 Download (6.25M )

Huawei Observation to NFV

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a network evolution which utilizes COTS hardware and new virtualization technologies to deploy network functions for operators' networks, and it has profound impact on network operation and deployment.

 Download (5143k )

C-band (3600-4200 MHz) for Mobile Broadband in the UK

This study considers the economic benefit of bringing forward the availability of 3600-3800 MHz and 3800-4200 MHz for mobile data services in the UK. To derive the economic benefit results the study performed an evaluation of the protection required for C-Band satellite.

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Huawei Full HD Voice

Full High Definition voice, refers to the next generation of voice quality for telephony audio resulting in crystal clear voice quality compared to digital telephony "toll quality" and even to HD voice. Full HD Voice extends the frequency range of audio signals up to 20000 Hz which covers the whole range of the human voice and that of the human ear.

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